Tondo helps you to build and unbuild sound by painting it with your fingers. AND: IT'S ON SALE FOR A WHILE! Tondo lets you create and manipulate audio ...

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Tondo helps you to build and unbuild sound by painting it with your fingers. AND: IT'S ON SALE FOR A WHILE! Tondo lets you create and manipulate audio in a new way: by painting sound on a radial sonogram. With Tondo, you can learn to create sound out of its simplest elements, and how rhythm, timbre, melody and harmony all are closely related. "Tondo- a remarkable app for making remarkable sounds Well, it has to be said: There are a lot of apps out there, especially music ones. Many are great, and a lot, not so great. Most do the same things but just look different. It was about time I found one that looked and sounds different! Henry Lowengard has made quite a few apps and this one stands out as being truly one of a kind. Tondo is basically a reactive kind of app in the sense that you can tweak in different way and see harmony and disharmony occur by ever so slight adjustments. It is visually appealing as it doesn't look like a normal music app, and it's likely because it isn't. And that is why it's so great! I feel like I'm traveling back in time to the days of early sonic experimentation, like I'm watching greats such as Luc Ferrari or Brian Eno messing with the early synths and theramins. Things were not predictable then, but they are now. I don't want predictability in apps anymore, I have enough apps that do that. Tondo is a work of art, a masterpiece of an app that I am sure I'm going to use a lot. I beg the developer to add AUDIOCOPY so that the more distinguished and experimental of us iOS producers can export our experiments to other apps and use these unique sound sculpting possibilities for many other projects. As a standalone app it's also great and one can spend hours just tweaking and being immersed in true sonic sculpture!" -- Zac Laurent, [in this version, 1.0.3, you CAN copy the sound to Sonoma Wire Works' audio pasteboard system, as well as the good ol' pasteboard. ] The basic principle behind Tondo is that all sounds can be built by adding together very simple sounds (sinusoid waves) with varying frequencies and amplitudes. Tondo organizes this information in a way that is easy to manipulate, by painting with specialized tools. As you paint the sound, the corresponding audio is generated. At any point, you can save the information or the audio you have generated and export it in a number of formats. If your device supports recording, it can analyze sound into its spectrum for further manipulation. Tondo can be used for making samples for other programs to use, rhythms and experimental explorations of sound. You can export the information which defines the sound onto the clipboard, which you can then paste into documents, mail to friends, and post on blogs. Visit the Tondo website at for videos and instructions! By the author of the highly praised music apps SrutiBox, Droneo, WindChimes, Lake Piano and Enumero. also: visit my iPhone App Facebook group for starting discussions etc!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.2

Size: 3.66 MB


Price: 2,72 €

Developed by Henry Lowengard

Day of release: 2010-12-19

Recommended age: 4+

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