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Total Recall for iPad

The #1 college note-taking system just got even better! Total Recall utilizes the core organizational structure of Cornell Notes, but with greater flexibility ...

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The #1 college note-taking system just got even better! Total Recall utilizes the core organizational structure of Cornell Notes, but with greater flexibility and freedom to take your notes the way you want, in any order you want. Inspired by the Cornell Note-taking System, Total Recall is a note taking app for the iPad patterned after this well known and widely used note taking system developed at Cornell University in the early 1950s. While similar to Cornell Notes, Total Recall is a Flexible Note-taking system that allows you far greater flexibility and freedom to enter notes as best fits your purposes. Like Cornell Notes, Total Recall provides a narrow left column to record your main topics, idea, points, etc., and a wider right column for entering your detailed notes. However, unlike Cornell Notes, Total Recall allows you to enter your index notes or detail notes in any order and any time simply by tapping them. The structure of first entering your detailed notes followed by your index (recall) notes has been eliminated in Total Recall, giving you the freedom to enter your notes any way you like, while still benefiting from the note organization structure of Cornell Notes. You can use Total Recall to summarize your notes as you would with Cornell Notes, or to first provide note topics you detail later. Total Recall allows you to store an unlimited amount of detailed notes for each index topic, as well as an unlimited number of index topics per Total Recall file. The detailed notes for each topic appear when you tap on that topic's index, very similar to selecting tabs in a notebook to reach various sections. You are free to specify font typeface and size, and to attribute portions of your text with Bold, Italic, and/or Underline. You can do this on a note-by-note basis on both the index notes and detail notes alike. You can also rearrange your index notes to any order you like, as well as add, modify, or delete them. Total Recall is superb for all school studies from grade school all the way up to graduate school. It's the perfect note taking system if you like the organization of Cornell Notes but want the flexibility and freedom to use this structure any way you like. Not only is it great for school, but also for recording important notes in legal proceedings, depositions, or court cases; recording key notes about medical evaluations and insurance claims; and many other applications where flexible yet thorough note taking is a must. Best of all, you don't need a degree to use Total Recall. Just take 5 minutes to look through the included "Getting Started Guide" and you'll be an instant expert. The design goal was to make it as straight forward and easy to use while maintaining the highest degree of utility and flexibility. We think you'll find it the easiest and most useful note-taking app you've ever used. Make sure to check-out our "Cornell Notes" version too!


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Version: 7.0

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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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