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** Chosen as Best Locally Made App ** Best of Honolulu - Honolulu Magazine Also featured in MANA Magazine! ********** Hot Tip: BEFORE you use the App ...

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** Chosen as Best Locally Made App ** Best of Honolulu - Honolulu Magazine Also featured in MANA Magazine! ********** Hot Tip: BEFORE you use the App visit : ********** Any Kama‘āina or Hawaiian who spends extensive time with this App recognizes it as a "nui loa" body of work that belongs in their library. There is only one in the world and this is IT. Please be sure to upgrade to iOS 8 The Touch Hawaiian Pocket Dictionary, abridged and cyclopedic, has over 6,400 entries; over half a million characters, representing a database over 18 years in the making, suitably presented in iOS. It has grown to the point that as it is … it's probably better described as a browsing encyclopedia with entries of rich content and cross referenced metadata. Fully tested on iOS 8 & 9 with the speediest keyboard response on newer devices with dual processors. Features live offline searching. Not only instantly look up anything whether searching in English or Hawaiian, but also reference all entries on categories such as plant, fish, endangered, disease, etc. Searching for "endangered" will bring up all endangered species in Hawai‘i. Get the idea? Encylopedic content is the goal, not small-time definitions. *If you’re searching in Hawaiian it may require entry of proper diacritics.* In version 1.5.6 we started relaxing this for common entries. i.e. a search for Lanai or Lāna‘i will get the job done No need to use anything other than the standard keyboard which actually is a feature; the program supports both English and Hawaiian keyboards, and diacritical markings, regardless. Enable search with the macron and the glottal stop from the keyboard. Press and hold a vowel or apostrophe for additional options to appear. You do not need to enter an entire search item, a partial entry will probably include what you’re looking for in the list of hits. Truncate your search query when you need to. For instance, adding a space at the end of your search query for "fish " will bring up all Hawaiian fish, without finding "fishpond" etc. Important: TAP THE STATUS BAR ONCE TO QUICKLY JUMP UP TO SEARCH AGAIN, WITHOUT SCROLLING. Remember, Hawaiian was not originally a written language. As with other Polynesian languages-- words, sentences, and ideas were spoken by stringing together syllables with glottal stops and select emphasis on certain vowels, marked with the macron (kahakō) Be sure to visit the web URL for complete support. This is a work in progress, yet we invite you to enjoy this work now and enjoy your subscription at a locked in price. It’s an established read of over 100K words, and 600K characters. -------------------------- We recommend our Speak Hawaiian Phrases, Speak Hawaiian Place Names, Hawaiian Quiz and Touch Hawaiian Weather as a companion Apps to this application… created to test your knowledge found in this reference and a great way to tune up your knowledge of Hawaiiana. Visit our website for more more information and related bodies of knowledge.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.5.6

Size: 1.63 MB


Price: 4,66 €

Developed by Coconut Info LLC

Day of release: 2011-04-22

Recommended age: 12+

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