Welcome to TrackMyCuts! Please visit our site for more details: Check out our ad: A business app created ...

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Welcome to TrackMyCuts! Please visit our site for more details: Check out our ad: A business app created with stylists and barbers in mind. It allows you to keep track of your clients, appointments and money all in one. This is an App that will work with you and for you! The goal of TrackMyCuts is to keep you organized and assist you with your ultimate plan. This simple app’s vision is to help its users have the information they need in order for them to write their plan. TrackMycuts provides easy navigation between all its windows and is set up to minimize the time you spend on the app, resulting in more time to provide your services. Included Features: Clients Enter all you clients. Use the “Note” field to enter detailed information (e.g. e-mail, birthday, formulas) & keep track of it at all times Press and hold over the client if you wish to remove them from list Track the total number of clients you have Services Enter the services you offer and that are offered to you (e.g. Haircut, Booth Rent) Enter the name, price and service type I offer this service I pay for this service Press and Hold over the service if you wish to delete Tracker Click the + sign to enter the amount of services you complete on a daily basis Recommended: Press and hold over a service in order to list the client you provided the service; remember to click save as you use the tracker throughout the day At the end of the day be sure to enter to total amount you generated in the Cash on Hand field Remember to finalize you day! *Useful tip if you forget or would like to enter data from a previous day you will need change to the date within your iPhone settings; input your data and change back to correct date Calendar Create appointments for any your listed clients Press and hold over any appointment if you would like to remove an appointment. Appointments Check daily in order to view the appointments you have listed for the day. Recommended: Remind your client via text/email/social media about their appointments; study shows that clients like a personal message and not an automated one! More Tracker Summary Select a start date you would like to view the data you have entered The tracker data range defaults to 3 months’ worth of data When you search you can choose to view daily/weekly/monthly Look for TrackMyCutsPro at the app store to gain access to more features that will add value to your day.


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