Tractors – Giants of Agriculture is loaded with photos and information about the biggest tractors in the world. Technology and large machinery lovers ...

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Tractors – Giants of Agriculture is loaded with photos and information about the biggest tractors in the world. Technology and large machinery lovers won’t want to miss the detailed pictures, real engine noises and more. Wait until you see the legendary Bid Bud in action! Click “...More” to learn why you should download this App today! *** “New and Noteworthy” in Germany *** *** Number one in Lifestyle for several weeks in Germany *** You’ve always loved large machinery, and giant tractors are at the top of your list. The raw power, gutsy performance and roaring engine noise is thrilling. With over 900 horsepower plowing up the fields with ease, you can’t help but be amazed. Fans of these big boys are going to love Tractors – Giants of Agriculture. Those who are fascinated by technology, as well as fans of large machinery will not want to miss out on the best of the world’s giant tractors. Inside this app, you’re treated to 1200 high resolution photos, some taken in 360 degree views. You’ll see the details that make giant tractors what they are – awesome! Technical illustrations, real engine noise and more than 60 minutes of exciting tractor video is waiting for you in Tractors – Giants of Agriculture. Yes, you’re going to get up close and virtual with the most famous giants of the field, without having to leave home. All you have to do is download the application to your iPad and you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. This is a full-feature program that not only presents you with giant tractor delights but also tells you about the 18 most important manufacturers in the world, offers you interactive animations, comparisons and data for your favorite models. Something you WILL NOT want to miss is the legendary Bid Bud. See this bad boy in action and find out why he’s famous across the globe. Have a look of some of the features you get when you download Tractors – Giants of Agriculture: * Super attractive, easy to navigate interface * Showcase of 70 of the largest tractors in the world * Display of the largest tractors of all the main manufacturers * Crawler and standard tractors and Tracs * 1200 high definition photos of tractors in action in the field * 360 degree rotation of some tractors * Interactive, all-round view of the cab of Fendt 936 * Animation of rear and front hydraulic system and headlamps on the John Deere 8320 * The 18 most important manufacturers worldwide * 9 high definition videos optimized for the iPad – that’s 60 minutes of film material! * Giant tractors in action on American, European and Russian soil * Start tractors to hear the sound of the engine by pressing a button * Detailed images of technical refinements * Overview of the main performance data per type * Comparison of performance in battle function * Maybe best of all – the legendary Big Bud in action Don’t miss out on all of this information and action. This is as good, close up and exciting as it gets without having to go see the real thing. Download Tractors – Giants of Agriculture right now. You won’t be sorry.


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Version: 1.0

Size: 1.56 GB


Price: 6,99 €

Developed by wk&f Kommunikation GmbH

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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