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Train World Builder Full

Build & play with WOOD TRAINS then RIDE & watch them go! Blow the TRAIN WHISTLE while you zoom through ZOO, FARM, CITY, and magical PAPER WORLDS! Beautiful ...

Discontinued App


Build & play with WOOD TRAINS then RIDE & watch them go! Blow the TRAIN WHISTLE while you zoom through ZOO, FARM, CITY, and magical PAPER WORLDS! Beautiful graphics, real sound effects and kid friendly train music join you on each exciting ride! Don't miss this unique play experience designed by certified early childhood professionals as kids develop eye hand coordination, right brain left brain thinking, orientation abilities and STEM foundation skills(Science Technology Engineering & Math). Designed with Montessori (emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological development) and Constructivism Education Theory in mind including focus on discovery, hands-on, and experiential learning. Give your kids this entertaining developmental advantage & download now! *****TOP 100 App - Games/Kids On iTunes***** *****TOP 100 App - Games/Simulation on iTunes***** Read an independent review from iPhoneMom at http://www.theiphonemom.com/train-world-builder Read an independent review from GiggleApps at http://www.giggleapps.com/reviews/train-world-builder-full-review/ *****WHAT KIDS & PARENTS ARE SAYING?***** * No timer. No rules. No pressure. A non-competitive creative experience my son just loves. * Crash through buildings or drive into the zoo exhibits & get close to lions, bears, crocodiles & more! * A PERFECT APP for my TRAIN CRAZY KIDS. * “My train went to ZOO WORLD and saw an elephant! And I MADE IT all by myself.” * MUSIC, 3D GRAPHICS, TRAINS, wooden track comparable to sons BRIO™ & THOMAS™ toys! * "My daughter has learned LEFT & RIGHT from turning the trains & track!" *****WHAT IS THE TRAIN WORLD APP***** Train World Builder brings the fun of playing with classic wooden trains to the digital world. Kids pick a TRAIN ENGINE to use and a TRAIN WORLD to build in, including CITY, ZOO, FARM, or PAPER WORLD. First, BUILD WITH TRACKS. Then TAKE A RIDE on your train. WATCH from different angles including the engineers seat! Blow the TRAIN WHISTLE as you ride! Learn to count by collecting stars. Improve language skills while finding hidden objects in Paper World (cup, crayon, apple, glass, spoon, book, hat, ball, boot, toothbrush). Identify and learn animals names in Zoo & Farm Worlds including alligators, giraffes, zebras, swans, elephants, lions, polar bears, penguins, foxes, monkeys, eagles, parrots, ducks, donkeys, sheep, lambs, roosters, hens, horses, cows, pigs, and goats. Navigate in City World using common community words including train station, office, building, school, school bus, police station, police car, park, skyscraper, warehouse, construction, garage, grocery store, hospital, ambulance, bank, delivery truck, fire station, fire truck, fence, flowers, and solar power. Buy Once & play on all iPhone, iPod and iPad platforms! *****FEATURES***** *3 TRAIN ENGINES & 2 PASSENGER CARS - beautiful WOOD TRAIN ENGINE, powerful SANTE FE DIESEL ENGINE, classic STEAM ENGINE. *4 TRAIN WORLDS - CITY, ZOO, FARM, & PAPER WORLD. *TRAIN WHISTLE you TOOT as you ride! *TRAIN RIDING MUSIC with on/off control. *SOUND EFFECTS including city, zoo animal, farm sounds & more. *3D GRAPHICS -colorful people, animals, trees, buildings, vehicles, & objects with a 3D wood train set theme. *REWARD BASED star collecting helps kids learn to count. *EASY KID FRIENDLY interface is toddler intuitive. *SAVE, LOAD, OPEN or EDIT train layouts. *SHARE the TRAIN WORLD APP on Facebook™ with on/off control. *****QUESTIONS?***** We have no way to contact you via a review - if you have any issues, questions or feedback, please contact us at info@gadgetmastersonline.com Become a fan on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gadget-Masters/319545334750488 Categories: Creative Play, Early Learning, Letters, Words, Numbers, Counting, Games, Educational, Kids, Music, Simulation


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0

Size: 31.5 MB


Price: 1,88 €

Developed by Gadget Masters, LLC

Day of release: 2012-06-4

Recommended age: 4+

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