Discontinued App


App Description ***The “TransEz” app was created out of one parent`s necessity, mine. I`m confident it will find it`s self ...

Discontinued App


App Description ***The “TransEz” app was created out of one parent’s necessity, mine. I’m confident it will find it’s self benefiting all those who use it. This app’s main focus is easing transitioning behaviors where ever and whenever needed through the convenience of ones most flexible mobile device the iPhone. It is a do it yourself flashcard and basic board option app with timer. The design has been kept simple and easy to use as to avoid over stimulating the end user. You the Parent, Teacher, Therapist, and/or Care Giver will have the ability to create and personalize your own Image library to fit your child’s/children’s individually needs. You as well have the ability to create a board to aid in transitioning and/or teaching tasks expected of child/children, guide behavior, and so much more. Including basic request/response board creations to encourage ABA style learning task. The app is designed to help change the child’s/children’s environment, not the child. By changing behaviors before they form. Giving them the ability to make good decisions by choosing from the option/options given them via single flashcard image or board, they will achieve greater success and create independents. This will happen when we support them with defining task through visual clues given them. FEATURES: NO ADVRTISEMENTS NO DISRUPTIVE AUDIO NO OVER STIMULATING USE OF COLOR Photo Image Flashcards with Audio, Written Print Concept input and the option to control Color Sensitivity on back of each card. Board Assistance with Audio Praise Option. SKILLS: Cooping, Language, Problem Solving, Discrimination, Reasoning, Memory, Attention, Visual Perception, fluency The possibilities are endless and only limited to that of ones creativeness to incorporate within the simplicity of this app. I at no time claim to be a licensed professional as to advise any one the needs for their child but trust that my personal experience with my own child (dx autism) has influenced a positive tool. This app requires 4.0 or later (optimized for iPhone 4.0) but has not been updated for iOS 7 at this time.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.2

Size: 4.55 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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