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Trees of Nambara Lite

Trees of Nambara Lite: a UNIQUE copy for EVERY iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in the Universe! Trees of Nambara Lite brings you a limited number of puzzles ...

Discontinued App


Trees of Nambara Lite: a UNIQUE copy for EVERY iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in the Universe! Trees of Nambara Lite brings you a limited number of puzzles from the full version of the app. BUT!, the application magically delivers a different set of puzzles on each device it is installed on! This means that by downloading the Lite version you will get a fixed, yet completely unique set of: - 20 Oaks of Nambara puzzles - 10 Kindergarden puzzles - 5 Close to Twenty Four puzzles - 3 Maples of Nambara puzzles - and 1 puzzle of Meaning of Life, Number of the Beast and Mad Scientist games However, your friend or colleague will get a different unique set of these games on her/his device! In addition, Newborn and Toddler games are completely unlocked on all devices. The restrictions in the Lite version: - The number of the played puzzles that are remembered in the History is limited to 5. - Only up to three set numbers are allowed in the Editor. - The app may present iAds and other offers. ***************************************** The full version of Trees of Nambara ***************************************** Trees of Nambara is an original collection of puzzle games and a different way of doing math. The task is simple and well known since ancient times: find a solution as close as possible to the target number using basic arithmetic operations on a set of numbers. The innovation and charm lie in the way it is done: simply by tapping numbers and operations in a tree-like structure. This allows you to intuitively investigate an enormous amount of combinations in no time, without actually writing a single expression. Math with no math. Features: - Play the wide variety of carefully designed games: from simple and gradually more complex games for children learning math (Newborn, Toddler, Kindergarden, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade) through intermediate-level games (Oaks, Maples and Elms) to mind-blowing puzzles for beautiful minds (Black Locusts, Evenly Odd, Close to Twenty Four, The Meaning of Life, Prime Ministers, Mad Scientist, Half Past Integer). - The sets can be built from up to 7 numbers and the Set Expenditure can be Minimalistic or Exhaustive. - Calculation with fractional numbers is supported and in some games required. - Either practice or race against timer in two modes and earn ranks independently for each game: from Novice to Absolute Genius. - Connect devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and compete in solving puzzles with friends. (And Ranger, of course.) - Create and play your own puzzles, solvable or not, in the Editor. (At the core of the application is a lightning-fast solving algorithm called Ranger, which always finds the best possible solution for any given combination of target and set numbers.) - Review and replay the puzzles you have played in the History. - Share puzzles with friends via e-mail. - Choose between typed and handwritten user interface and even adjust untidiness of the handwritten numbers. - One universal application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. - Full support for High Definition Retina displays and all screen formats, including the new iPhone 5.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 12.55 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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