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Tri Note Pro is full version of Tri Note with unlimited notes. Tri Note is a very convenient & easy to use. It is a privacy note, all data are saved ...

Discontinued App


Tri Note Pro is full version of Tri Note with unlimited notes. Tri Note is a very convenient & easy to use. It is a privacy note, all data are saved only on your iPad, which helps to PROTECT your PERSONAL notes. Tri Note helps you take Text notes, Photo notes and Voice Notes. Moreover, Tri Note also has helpful on-screen utilities as Calculator, Sun & Moon Calendar, Note Reminder, Instant Web Browser. KEY FEATURES - PROTECT your PERSONAL notes on your iPad. - Create and edit Text notes, Photo notes and Voice notes altogether. - On-screen Calculator helps to copy calculation to your notes. You don’t need to switch to other app. - On-screen Sun & Moon calendar helps you get the date during your taking notes - Note Reminder alerts your to-do notes or favorite notes. - Note Highlighter help you to highlight your important notes - Instant Web Browser helps you search online information and copy to your notes. - Pin & drop function helps you organize your texts, photos and voices. - Email Note helps you kept your notes in your mailbox - All your notes are searchable, help you find your notes in a second - Language: English, French and Vietnamese. CONVENIENT & TIME-SAVING Here are some ways to use Tri Note for your personal and professional life: - Take meeting notes: record voice (in background), search online information, draft and organize ideas, calculate some key financial numbers, set alert (note reminder) and send email to your meeting members. - Business market-visit: visit your customers, take photos and attach notes, record your customer feedback, edit, organize the report and send to your office. - Business factory visit: take photos of office, products, machinery and take notes of each, record factory guide, organize the visit and send to your mailbox. - Taking lectures in your school: note your learning while record voice of lecturers, search web and illustrate more information and photos, organize your learning and share to your friends. - Do research for your lessons: search over internet, copy information and photos, draft your ideas and illustration, organize your research and save to your files. - Travel diary: visit, capture photos and take a note of local cultures & your inspiration feeling on the go, organize your travel and save to your mailbox. - Restaurant experience: take photo of restaurant, special food, friends, write your feeling and save smiley full of fun voices to your dairy. - Food recipes: take photos of food, write down recipes, record guide from friends, plan for your cooks - Shopping: keep track of the shopping list and prices. FLEXIBLE SETTINGS - On/Off show Moon/Lunar calendar - Set Sorted By - Set Sort Direction - Set Language - Set Maximum time of voice record - Set Copy mode of Calculator - Set Default receiver's email (for sending note via email) - Helpful User guide - Contact us / Feedback - Social Sharing (you can get more Free Notes by sharing and introducing this app to your Facebook/Twitter/G+ ********************************************************************************** NOTE - Tri Note is currently available for iPad iOS 6 & iOS 7. - Tri Note help: www.trinoteapp.com/2013/08/tri-note-help.html - Tri Note homepage: www.trinoteapp.com ********************************************************************************** We'd love to hear from you! - Send us an email at: trinoteapp@gmail.com - Learn more and share your feedback at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tri-Note-App/725425680807331


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Version: 1.0

Size: 6.74 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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