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TumbleBooksToGo 6-Pack Volume 4

TumbleBooks goes mobile! TumbleBooksToGo is excited to offer 6 great animated picture books in one convenient app bundle for only $5.99. TumbleBooks ...

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TumbleBooks goes mobile! TumbleBooksToGo is excited to offer 6 great animated picture books in one convenient app bundle for only $5.99. TumbleBooks are animated, talking picture books that feature text, narration, animation, and sentence highlighting! They make reading accessible and fun in a format kids will love!! It will transform your child’s reading, and keep them engaged in a fun and mobile reading experience. Read TumbleBooks in the car, on a plane, even standing in line, or just relaxing at home - there will soon be hundreds more low-cost TumbleBooks available at the tips of your fingers! TumbleBooks is the leading publisher of online interactive animated picture books for children. Tumblebooks have been enjoyed by children for over ten years and currently distributed through over 10,000 schools and libraries across North America. TumbleBooks are created from existing picture books from North America’s biggest and best children’s publishers such as Chronicle Books, Charlesbridge Press, Annick Press, Simon and Schuster, and many others Boomer Goes to School
Written by Constance McGeorge, and illustrated by Mary Whyte
Published by Chronicle Books
Boomer is going to school! Like many new students, Boomer finds that going to school can be a bit confusing . . . at first. But in the end, he discovers that school is a great place for friends, learning, and fun! I Miss Franklin P. Shuckles
Published by Annick Press
Written by Ulana Snihura and illustrated by Leanne Franson
Molly Pepper plays with Franklin P. Shuckles all summer long, until school starts, and then she hears the other children making fun of him and an embarrassed Molly dumps her “geeky” friend with a nasty note. When Franklin stops offering to play and tell stories, a lonely Molly realizes how much she misses him. She writes him another note, fervently hoping he’ll forgive her. He does, and they promise to be friends forever. Me Too!
Published by Little, Brown
Written and illustrated by Jamie Harper
There are two words that drive Grace crazy: Me too! Her sister, Lucy, never says anything else. Whatever Grace does, Lucy does, too. ‘She copies you because she loves you, Gracie,’ says her mother. ‘Can't she learn to say anything else?’ asks Grace. But when Grace goes to swim class one day, she too realizes how it feels to admire someone. Here is a fresh take on the timeless theme of little sisters copying their big sisters, and how learning from each other can be the best part of growing up. Mom, The School Flooded
Published by Annick Press
Written by Ken Rivard and illustrated by Joe Weissmann
When Gus's mom asks what he did at school, he gives his usual reply: ‘Nothing.’ But his soaking socks indicate otherwise, so Gus begins a madcap explanation of a school gone wet. From tabletop rafting in the halls to sailing on a schoolyard sea, Gus pours forth all the damp details. In the end, Mom is sure his story is all washed up ... or is it? Porcupining: A Prickly Love Story
Published by Little, Brown
Written by Lisa Wheeler and illustrated by Janie Bynum
What could be more poignant than a porcupine pining for a companion? With pun-filled prose and pleasing pictures, this passionate tale of love and friendship between two prickly creatures in a petting zoo makes a perfect read aloud (and a sublime Valentine). Zoe Sophia In New York
Published by Chronicle Books
Written by Claudia Mauner and Elisa Smalley, and Illustrated by Claudia Mauner
When Zoe Sophia's favourite person in the world, her great aunt Dorothy Pomander, comes to New York City, she and Zoe Sophia quickly become embroiled in a mystery as they do research for Dorothy Pomander's new book. Their hunt takes them to many of the most exciting sights of New York. As clues are revealed one by one, the excitement really begins!


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