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TumbleBooksToGo Munsch 6-Pack

Robert Munsch now goes mobile! TumbleBooksToGo is excited to offer 6 classic Robert Munsch stories in one convenient App bundle for only $5.99. - Something ...

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Robert Munsch now goes mobile! TumbleBooksToGo is excited to offer 6 classic Robert Munsch stories in one convenient App bundle for only $5.99. - Something Good - Fire Station, The - 50 Below Zero - Wait and See - Mud Puddle - Pigs TumbleBooks are animated, talking picture books that features text, narration, animation, and sentence highlighting which makes reading accessible and fun and is a great tool for early readers seeking to improve their reading skills. Download this application to put a library in your pocket and transform your child’s mobile reading experience - as well as keeping them engaged in a fun reading experience while in the car, on a plane, or relaxing at home. The 6-Pack bundle provides you with 30 minutes of entertainment with classic story books which they will want to read again and again!! TumbleBooksToGo are a great opportunity for kids to learn more about technology while enjoying a fun reading experience, either on their own or shared with a parent or caregiver. Tumblebooks is the leading publisher of online interactive animated picture books for kids. Tumblebooks have been enjoyed by kids for over ten years and currently distributed through over 10,000 schools and libraries across North America. TumbleBooks are created from existing picture books from North America’s biggest and best children’s publishers such as Chronicle Books, Charlesbridge Press, Annick Press, Simon and Schuster, and many others. Robert Munsch TumbleBook 6-pack! Author Bio: Robert Munsch is the best-selling and award-winning author of over 50 children’s books. His books have sold over 30 million copies world-wide, and have been translated into dozens of different languages. He is a big proponent of literacy, and regularly visits schools all over North America. His enthusiasm, humour, and dramatic reading style help make him a fantastic story teller - in person and in writing! All of the Munsch’s story books in this TumbleBooksToGo 6-pak are read by Mr. Munsch himself! - of course we could have it no other way! The Fire Station When Michael and Sheila visit the fire station, they get into some hot water! While exploring a fire truck, the fire alarm goes off, and the two little stowaways get taken along for the ride! Wait and See It’s Olivia’s birthday and she is getting EVERYTHING she wishes for! But every time she blows out the candles, her wish makes a BIG mess! Can birthday cake after birthday cake, after birthday cake, make things right again?…wait and see, as Olivia says! Pigs Megan thinks that pigs are “the dumbest looking animals” she has ever seen. She thinks they are so dumb that they would never run out of the pen, even if she opens the gate - like her father told her not to. But…WAP-WAP-WAP…and…OINK-OINK-OINK…the pigs escape! Read on, as the pigs run amok in Megan’s kitchen, in her school, and even in her school bus! 50 Below Zero Jason’s dad walks in his sleep, and Jason finds him in the most unlikely places! 50 Below Zero is a classic Robert Munsch story, and a favourite with children everywhere! Something Good “Something good” is exactly what Tyya, Andrew and Julie want to put into their shopping cart. Tyya’s dad won’t buy anything good at the storeâ€â€no ice cream, no candy, no cookies! But when the sales lady puts a price sticker on Tyya’s nose, Daddy is finally forced to buy something good. Mud Puddle Every time Jule Ann goes outside, wearing her clean new clothes, a Mud Puddle jumps on her and gets her muddy all over. Even her ears are full of mud! But Jule Ann has a trick up her … clean … sleeve! “Hey, Mud Puddle!!”


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