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Turf Management Calculator is a native application developed at the University of Georgia for practitioners and students of turfgrass, horticulture, and ...

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Turf Management Calculator is a native application developed at the University of Georgia for practitioners and students of turfgrass, horticulture, and agricultural sciences. With over 17,000 programmed calculations, Turf Management Calculator automatically computes the answer from numbers and units selected by the end-user to provide quick answers for calibration, fertilizers, irrigation, mowing, pesticides, topdressing, and many other practices. Each calculation is designed for the user to begin with the first entry box in order to prepare subsequent entries. The application will instantly compute the answer based on the units selected in the final entry box. Turf Management Calculator may be used for the following: Calibration: Calculate application rate and spray volume for spreaders and sprayers, respectively, based on amount collected in a calibration run. Combination Products: Calculate the amount of active ingredient applied for each component in a mixture product based on rate of the combination product. Conversions: Convert metric to U.S. standard units or U.S. standard to metric units for area, length, mass, pressure, temperature, and volume. Establishment: Calculate price and requirement of coated seed, non-coated seed, pure live seed, and sprigs for turf establishment. Fertilizers: Calculate fertilizer rate or fertilizer price based on active ingredient rate or product rate. Irrigation: Calculate evapotransporation rate, irrigation rate, irrigation requirement, nutrient load, pond available water, pond storage, precipitation efficiency, and water cost. Mowing: Calculate mowing time, fuel consumption, fuel requirement, and fuel cost. Pesticides: Calculate pesticide rate and price based on product rate or active ingredient rate. Sprayers: Calculate spraying time, spraying cost, product mix per tank, fuel consumption, and fuel required for sprayer operations. Topdressing: Calculate sand requirement or sand price for topdressing turfgrasses with or without aerification ************************************************************************************ Notice: The application has undergone two rounds of peer-review outside of the University of Georgia and has been thoroughly checked for most common uses. However, the accuracy of all calculations should be confirmed by the end-user. Neither The University of Georgia, nor the developers, is responsible for misuse or potential programming errors with the application. The end-user assumes all responsibility for calculations and application of results. ************************************************************************


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 888.09 KB


Price: 5,45 €

Developed by University of Georgia - CAES

Day of release: 2011-04-28

Recommended age: 4+

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