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*** We are glad to present a new Slovoed app that allows you to easily and quickly navigate through and try out any of 120+ dictionaries for 30+ world's ...

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*** We are glad to present a new Slovoed app that allows you to easily and quickly navigate through and try out any of 120+ dictionaries for 30+ world's languages, as well as experience the most advanced search, learning and translation features. In order to find the new app on the App Store, input ‘Slovoed dictionaries’ into the search box. You can make use of your previously purchased standalone Slovoed dictionary inside the new app. For this purpose, please, update all your dictionaries to the latest versions on the same device and follow the tips of "Slovoed dictionaries". The content will be automatically synchronized and enabled. If you have any questionson how to use Slovoed dictionaries inside the new app, please contact us at migration@penreader.com. *** #1 DICTIONARY TECHNOLOGY IN THE WORLD 58 000 entries and 51 000 English audio pronunciations recorded by native speakers The most reliable dictionary content from the world’s leading lexicographers *** Dictionary features are presented on the screenshots *** _______________________________________ Bu İngilizce-Türkçe-İngilizce konuşan sözlük, REDHOUSE (İstanbul, Türkiye) veritabanına dayalıdır. Bu veritabanı, kullanım örnekleri, eşanlamlı ve zıt anlamlı sözcükler, referanslar ve diğer önemli bilgiler ile birlikte en eksiksiz ve ayrıntılı çeviri makalelerini içermektedir. Profesyonel dilbilimciler, çevirmenler ve gelişmiş kullanıcılar için mükemmel bir çözümdür. - REDHOUSE (İstanbul, Turkiye) sözlük veritabanı 58.000'in üzerinde madde içermektedir. - İngilizce ses modülü, ana dili İngilizce olan bir konuşmacı tarafından seslendirilmiş 51.000 madde içermektedir. _______________________________________ Search and translate features: - Full text search feature allows you to look up words more efficiently throughout the whole dictionary content, including headwords and usage examples. - Easy copy-and-paste functions copy words to the clipboard for translation. - Improved browsing capabilities through word list and Search History. - Built-in PenReader multilingual handwriting recognition support. - List of similar words in case of misspelling. - Wildcard Search if you are unsure of the exact word spelling. Use “?” and “*” symbols to replace the missing letters. - Morphology module to translate words in any grammatical form (for English, French, Spanish and Russian dictionaries). - New! TReader now supports Slovoed dictionaries! Enjoy the most comfortable in-app translation from any book or document in EPUB without switching applications or accessing the Internet. In order to get translation, long tap a word and choose "Slovoed" in the pop-up menu. Learning features: - Search for anagrams. - Flash Card Quiz enables you to add new words to flash cards and test your knowledge as many times as you wish. Interface features: - New! Handy Converter support. - New! iPhone 5 support. - Enhanced customization options allow you to modify animated menus and choose background colors. - Enlarge or reduce font size for your comfort. - Favorites - to quickly access frequently searched words. - Hyperlinks between articles and directions. - Landscape-mode support. - Fully iPad optimized interface. - No Internet connection required: simply download the dictionary once and use it on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch without any additional expense. Paragon Software joined the Open Dictionary API Alliance, a unique resource providing the access to premium dictionary content for all members of the Alliance. Join us at http://dictionary-api.org and enjoy the opportunity to enrich your apps with a high quality and trusted source of reference from the world’s famous publishers.


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