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Can you afford using Twitter without a notifier? Have you ever missed a notifier, which would tell you about those important direct messages, replies, ...

Discontinued App


Can you afford using Twitter without a notifier? Have you ever missed a notifier, which would tell you about those important direct messages, replies, or those very tweets from the VIPs you were waiting for a whole day? The key feature of the app are *groups*. Using groups you can flexible manage your notifications - choose what is important to you and skip what is not. *** Notice *** If you have any problems with notifications, before you complain in a review, please: - edit Twit-Notify settings (in the iPhone Settings menu), to adjust frequency of the notifications (default is twice per hour or less); - check if you have network connection and notifications in Settings turned ON; - make sure you have been using the app for at least 10 seconds, to upload you settings to our push notifications server, if not sure - start the application again, then let it work for 10 or more seconds; - if you have not run Twit-Notify for more than 3 days - please run it again, as we expire Push Notifications subscriptions after 3 days of inactivity of the application; - if your notifications were off for some time, or your iPhone was disconnected or turned off - please run the Twit-Notify to re-register for Push Notification subscriptions; - observe, that if you have many lists, we decrease frequency of notifications to prevent overloading Twitter with multiple requests; - take a look at our tweets (http://twitter.com/tlspl) for announcements; - or just contact our support team, to let us help you - we are desperately willing to help - give us a chance. ************** Twit-Notify is a fast and easy to use Twitter notifier - now you can easily see if there is anything urgent waiting for you on your Timeline, or in the Direct Messages inbox, or among @Replies. You can now define groups of people you follow and be notified about their tweets separately from your Timeline. You can define as many groups as you wish - and the Twit-Notify will track each group separately. FEATURES: * *NEW* customizable notification sounds - each category (i.e. mentions, messages, home timeline, group or list) can be configured to notify with different sound. * push notifications * support for the Twitter lists * configurable auto-refresh * configurable font size for tweets * fast and friendly notifications about Direct Messages, @Replies or Timeline events * you can define groups of followed people and be notified about each group separately * the groups can overlap, they can include one another, or be completely disjoint * with Twit-Notify you will never again forget that you have an important message waiting in your Twitter inbox * using Twit-Notify you can keep track of unanswered @Replies which need your attention ----------------------------------------


Technical specifications

Version: 2.6.2

Size: 5.09 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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