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U.S. Citizenship for iPhone

The U.S. Citizenship app provides the information required to obtain a Green Card and become a naturalized citizen of United States of America.  The ...

Discontinued App


The U.S. Citizenship app provides the information required to obtain a Green Card and become a naturalized citizen of United States of America.  The U.S. Citizenship app provides comprehensive information about immigration and citizenship and is an accurate source of information for anyone that wants to become a naturalized citizen of the United States of America. 
Who uses the U.S. Citizenship app? - Anyone working to obtain their Green Card or to become naturalized United States citizens - Teachers: perfect for instructors of foreign nationals working toward U.S. citizenship - Students: ideal for anyone that is studying to obtain a Green Card and become a naturalized citizen of the United States Who else use the U.S. Citizenship app? - Companies: for companies that are assisting employees with obtaining citizenship - Employees: for individuals working to obtain citizenship by way of employment - Recruiters: for recruiters working with foreign nationals to obtain citizenship through employment The U.S. Citizenship app's features include: - Simple and easy to use navigation. No internet or data access required. - Fully functional in Landscape and Portrait modes - A Complete Guide to Naturalization - Naturalization Civics Test Questions and Answers - Reading Vocabulary for Naturalization Test - Writing Vocabulary for Naturalization Test - Quick Links to Naturalization Attachments, Key Documents Checklist, Current Fees and a Naturalization Eligibility Worksheet - Green Card Processes including Eligibility, Adjustment of Status, Consular Processing, Concurrent Filing, Visa Availability, Travel Documents, Work Authorization, Immigration Medical Examinations, Affidavits of Support, Public Charge, and the Child Status Protection Act - Factual Information for Citizenship and Immigration, including obtaining a Green Card through Family Members, including Immediate Relatives, Family Members, and Permanent Residents of the United States - Employment, including through a Job Offer, Investment, Self Petition and through Special Categories of Employment - Other ways to obtain a Green card, including for Amerasian Children, American Indians Born in Canada, Members of the Armed Forces, Cuban Natives or Citizens, Diversity Immigration,  Informants, Haitian Refugees, Lautenberg Parolee, Legal Immigration Family Equity, Persons Born to Foreign Diplomats, Victims of Crime and Trafficking, and Section 13 - Obtaining a Green Card through Refugee or Asylum Status - How to Replace or Renew a Green Card - Rights and Responsibilities of a Green Card Holders - Maintaining Permanent Residence, Conditional Permanent Residence, International Travel as a Permanent Resident, and the Right to Vote - Links to Required Forms and Applications ** - Other Important Links and Useful Resources - Frequently Asked Questions - Complete versions of the United States Charters of Freedom, including The Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence, and The United States Constitution - Free Lifetime application updates with purchase ** Internet or data access required for this feature to work properly. We're constantly working to improve the this application and User Feedback is a key driver for what we do. Feel free to send your feedback and suggestions to agenterprises.net@gmail.com and help us make this application better for you!


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