UDHR Universal Declaration of Human Rights

10th December 1948, a day changed the world human rights order, to a large extent. But, still there are monopolies shown by many communities and countries ...

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10th December 1948, a day changed the world human rights order, to a large extent. But, still there are monopolies shown by many communities and countries against one another, inspite there are good souls who are looking out for a day, so to that they can do a change, provide a better world for every human life to live the nature.! UDHR app, one can call this as an application, a chapter or a promotional material. Intention of this app is to educate about the Rights of every human being in the society, possible in all the native languages. I have developed this app as a volunteer of YHRI, Youth for Human Rights, an International Non-Profit organisation, who is educating about the Human Rights with UDHR articles around the world. Features : - Unicode supported world wide languages around 300+ - iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch supported languages - Share each article Note : UDHR contents for different languages have been sourced from UNICODE udhr web site, were many contributors have shared their valuable time to convert the UDHR to mother language. Most of these unicode conversion works are still under review, hence there may be mistakes and content errors. If possible, please share such reviews directly with UNICODE UDHR website given below or send a message to my inbox. Will try to address as early as possible. Vote of thanks : Thanks to Dhayaladevan T & Dviya B for the xml parsing and social site code help. Languages covered in this release.-(Some languages may not display correct, because iOS font compatibility) (Crioulo da Guiné) (Forro) (Kimbundo) (Tetum) (Umbundo) Abkhaz Aceh Achuar-Shiwiar Achuar-Shiwiar (1) Afrikaans Aguaruna Aja Akan (Akuapem) Akan (Asante) Akan (Fante) Albanian, Tosk Altai, Southern Amahuaca Amarakaeri Amharic Arabela Arabic, Standard Armenian Asháninka Ashéninka, Pichis Ashéninka Perené Assyrian Neo-Aramaic Asturian Auvergnat Awa-Cuaiquer Awadhi Aymara, Central Azerbaijani, North (Cyrillic) Azerbaijani, North (Latin) Baatonum Bali Bamanankan Baoulé Bari Basque Belarusan Bemba Bengali Beti Bhojpuri Bicolano, Central Bislama Bora Bosnian (Cyrillic) Bosnian (Latin) Breton Bugis Bulgarian Burmese Candoshi-Shapra Caquinte Cashibo-Cacataibo Cashinahua Catalan-Valencian-Balear Cebuano Chachi Chamorro Chayahuita Cherokee Chickasaw Chin, Falam Chin, Haka Chin, Tedim Chinantec, Chiltepec Chinantec, Ojitlán Chinese, Mandarin (Simplified) Chinese, Mandarin (Traditional) Chiquitano Chokwe Chokwe (Angola) Chuukese Cofán Colorado Corsican Cree, Swampy Crioulo, Upper Croatian Czech Dagaare, Southern Dagbani Dangme Danish Dendi Dinka, Northeastern Ditammari Dutch Dzongkha Edo Emiliano-Romagnolo English Esperanto Estonian Even Evenki Éwé Faroese Farsi, Western (1) Farsi, Western (2) Fijian Finnish Fon French Frisian, Western Friulian Ga Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gagauz Galician Ganda Garhwali Garifuna Georgian German, Standard (1901) German, Standard (1996) Gonja Greek (monotonic) Greek (polytonic) Guaraní, Paraguayan Guarayu Gujarati Haitian Creole French (Kreyol) Haitian Creole French (Popular) Hani Hausa (Niger) Hausa (Nigeria) Hawaiian Hebrew Hiligaynon Hindi Hmong, Northern Qiandong Hmong, Southern Qiandong Hmong Njua Hoc Huastec, San Luís Potosí Huastec, Southeastern Huastec, Veracruz Huitoto, Murui Hungarian Ibibio Icelandic Ido Igbo Ilocano Indonesian Interlingua Inuktitut, Eastern Canadian Inuktitut, Greenlandic Italian Japanese Javanese Jola-Fonyi Jula


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