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Trust the Experts` Advice with the best tool for anyone about to take the Car or Motorcycle UK Theory Test from now anytime up to September 2013. ...

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Trust the Experts’ Advice with the best tool for anyone about to take the Car or Motorcycle UK Theory Test from now anytime up to September 2013. ...£0.59 for a limited time! 


 UK 2013 Official Theory Driving Test Solution for iPhone. Uses Official 2013 DSA Revision Question-Bank.

 Includes Hints and Tips for each question.

 This App applies to the UK Driving Test only. Valid for all tests taken until September 2013.

 With the most feature packed resources of any driving aid application on the App Store, this is all you need to get you ready to pass your test. 

Why choose DTM? 

 Whilst there are other simple test programs out there, Driving Test Master not only gives you the FULL OFFICIAL DSA Revision TEST, but gives you so much more! A complete statistical breakdown of your results, in depth case studies information, question answers, tips, custom tests and other learning resources to help you get ready for your test. With our statistical breakdown, you can see when your progress has reached a solid high scoring level, so you will know when you are ready to take your test for real. All this wrapped up in an intuitive and great looking interface.

 DTM has been produced with professional driving instructors, so is written with all the insider tips needed to help you on your way to getting on the road! 

We also have Practical, Theory, Hazard and Deluxe (featuring all the apps in the ultimate driving aid) Editions available in the App Store. 


Full UK Theory Test: 

âœâ€ Take the complete Official DSA Theory Revision Test for both Car and Motorbike.
 âœâ€ See hints for questions you are having problems with.
 âœâ€ Review any questions you got wrong and see the correct answers so you know for next time.

 Statistical Review:

 âœâ€ See a full statistical review of your test, letting you know what areas your strengths and weaknesses are in. 
 âœâ€ See what areas you need to revise more for. 
âœâ€ See your progress build up, and you will know when you are ready to take your test.

 Full Highway Code: 

âœâ€View the full UK highway code at anytime. 

âœâ€Case Studies and further information included. 

Crown Copyright Material reproduced under license from the Driving Standards Agency which does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the reproduction.

 Review: A+ Driving School. ...............
" At A+ Driving School, we have seen a lot of driving aids over the years. Driving Test Master is the ONLY one we recommend to our customers. 

 With a huge depth of features that have been created by driving industry professionals, this covers everything. Not only does it cover all the official Questions, it gives our pupils the competitive edge when it comes to doing the test for real. 

 The most valuable aspect of the software for us though, is that our customers can carry it with them where-ever they are. 

All this means our customers are better prepared and have much higher pass rates by using this software, and that's why we now recommend this to all our customers. We've given it an A+! " 

Review: Driving Instructor College ...............
"Great series of Apps; we recommend to our potential instructors regularly!"


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Size: 150.03 MB


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