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UK Tax Calculator and Tax Refund Guide

WHY BUY THIS APP? : BECAUSE IT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY !! - READ MORE : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS ...

Discontinued App

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WHY BUY THIS APP? : BECAUSE IT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY !! - READ MORE : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS APP INCLUDES A "TAX REFUND KIT" TO HELP YOU GET A REFUND Did you know one in three UK taxpayers have paid too much tax? Not only will this app tell you if you have paid too much tax it will help you get a Tax Refund !! It supports: - Multiple Employments - Multiple Bank Accounts - Multiple Pensions - Multiple Dividends - Student Loans - Multiple Years (going back to 2005) If you have been or are currently employed and one of the following applies: - have used an emergency tax code - worked part time - are a student - were made redundant - are leaving the UK - have already left the UK - have worked for less than a full tax year - have circumstances that changed, eg: became self-employed - have taken a break during or between your employments - have expense claims, eg, mileage expenses, travel expenses, uniform expenses, or other expenses you incur to do your job - paid your tax through PAYE - fall under the CIS requirements - you are self employed and file a self employment tax return. - You may be eligible for a tax refund. HOW IS THIS APP DIFFERENT TO TAX REFUND COMPANIES ? -------------------------------------------------- In simple terms, you keep 100% of your refund Many companies offer services to get you a tax refund. All of these companies charge fees (usually a percentage of the refund you receive). This can mean you loose around 10-30% of your refund in fees. We believe you should keep 100% of your refund. With the average refund of around £942 you could loose at least £110 and in many cases you would loose over £250 in fees. IS IT THAT SIMPLE? -------------------------------------------------- In many cases tax refund applications are straight forward and can be easily completed by yourself. We have designed an easy to follow kit which includes everything you need to apply for a refund from HMRC. Our kit includes: - Easy to follow instructions - Copies of the appropriate HMRC forms - Help sheets for each form - Checklists so that you can complete the forms yourself. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? -------------------------------------------------- The benefit is that any money owed to you from HMRC is sent straight to you and you keep 100% of the repayment. Unlike 'Tax Refund' companies who would take a percentage or a fee. HOW DO I GET THE TAX REFUND KIT? -------------------------------------------------- Its simple - buy this app and the refund kit is included. OUR APPLICATION: -------------------------------------------------- - Uses official tax data from HMRC - Includes data for 2010/2011 tax year, and for previous tax years all the way back to 2004/2004 - Support for all common UK tax codes, (V, Y, K, BR, D0, L, P, T and NT). - Comes with regular updates freely available via the App Store Full details available @ http://www.thetaxationpeople.com


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