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UPAYLESS4VALUE is an app that enables users to access deals from a wide range of merchants without having to have separate apps for each one of them. ...

Discontinued App


UPAYLESS4VALUE is an app that enables users to access deals from a wide range of merchants without having to have separate apps for each one of them. The deals presented on the app have been vetted by UPAYLESS4VALUE management to ensure that the merchants posting them are genuine and of a reputable nature. This does not imply that UPAYLESS4VALUE endorses or guarantees these deals. The app allows the user to select the deals they want to see by geographic location using City, State, Country or zip-code. The app also allows users to search for deals by category or their names. For example if one is interested in "Travel and Leisure" they would look for this category and all deals within that category and within the geographic location of the user for a radius of 15 miles or the zip-code of their current location will be displayed. The app uses Google maps to locate the merchant's location for each deal. The user can also get directions to the Merchants location. The app allows users to share the deals information with their friends via SMS, email, Skype, Face book and Twitter depending on what the user has subscribed to. When user sends SMS they may be charged by their provider. Prices are provided in the local currency of the Merchant but a currency converter has been provided which will convert the price to other currencies using the most recent available rates on the internet. Users are able and encouraged to provide feedback on the deals available on the app. The feedback will be available to other users and the merchants. This is important as it ensures accountability on all parties. There are two ways to get the deals. One way is to redeem a coupon which will be emailed to the users email address on register. The users can then print or save the coupon for presentation at the Merchant location. For some deals, online payment will be required and users can pay using PayPal or any major credit cards. Another important feature of the app is the "Notify me" function. This function allows users to customize the types of deals they want to be notified about taking into account price, discount and geographic location. This way users are not overwhelmed by deals that are not of interest to them. However, they will have access to all deals posted on the app. Users can also pick and save deals in their wish list for future considerations. However, they should note that deals with expiration dates will be automatically deleted. There are many other features and we encourage exploring the app and also visiting the UPAYLESS4VALUE.COM website if you want to register as a merchant.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1.1

Size: 13.8 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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