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USB Flash Drive

Wanna turn your iPhone, iPad, or your iPod Touch into a Flash Drive?. Now you can use your Device Disk Space to carry any Type of Files you want. This ...

Discontinued App


Wanna turn your iPhone, iPad, or your iPod Touch into a Flash Drive?. Now you can use your Device Disk Space to carry any Type of Files you want. This App is a Must have Utility. Supports any Type of Files. It Brings Data Transfer to a New Level, and allows you to Store and also View what's inside your Flash Drive. Store View (Open) Share Print Send Move Rename Delete Passcode Lock … All in 1! PDF Files All Types of Photos All Types of Websites All Types of Music Files Video Files All Types of Microsoft Word Files All Types of Microsoft Powerpoint Files All Types of Microsoft Excel Files All Types of Text Files and much more... Main Features:- 1. Store, View, and Open Files Like PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel, Text Files (.txt, .rtf, ...), ... 2. Open and Listen to Music Files through a Built-In MP3 Player like Music App. 3. Open and Watch Video Files. 4. Open any Type of Images (bmp, gif, png, tiff, jpg, ...). 5. Open Website Files like html, php, asp, aspx, and webarchive Files through a Built-In Web Browser. You can also use it as your Default Web Browser like Safari App to access the Internet, ... and much more. 6. Manage Files (Move, Rename, Delete, ...). 7. Open-in any File in other Apps that support them. 8. Receive any File from other Apps that have Open-in Functionality. 9. Send any File by e-mail. 10. Passcode-Lock your Flash Drive. and much more... Examples of Files that can be Received from other Apps and Opened (Viewed): adobe.pdf adobe.postscript adobe.encapsulated-postscript adobe.photoshop-image adobe.illustrator.ai-image compuserve.gif microsoft.bmp microsoft.ico microsoft.word.doc microsoft.excel.xls microsoft.powerpoint.ppt microsoft.waveform-audio microsoft.advanced-systems-format microsoft.windows-media-wm microsoft.windows-media-wmv microsoft.windows-media-wmp microsoft.windows-media-wma microsoft.advanced-stream-redirector microsoft.windows-media-wmx microsoft.windows-media-wvx microsoft.windows-media-wax apple.keynote.key apple.keynote.kth truevision.tga-image sgi.sgi-image ilm.openexr-image kodak.flashpix.image j2.jfx-fax js.efx-fax digidesign.sd2-audio real.realmedia real.realaudio real.smil allume.stuffit-archive org.gnu.gnu-tar-archive public.tar-archive org.gnu.gnu-zip-archive org.gnu.gnu-zip-tar-archive public.bzip2-archive public.tar-bzip2-archive apple.binhex-archive apple.macbinary-archive allume.stuffit-archive public.zip-archive pkware.zip-archive public.vcardpublic.image public.jpeg public.jpeg-2000 public.tiffapple.pict compuserve.gif public.png apple.quicktime-image apple.icns microsoft.bmp microsoft.ico public.fax apple.macpaint-image public.svg-image public.xbitmap-image public.camera-raw-image truevision.tga-image sgi.sgi-image ilm.openexr-image kodak.flashpix-image adobe.raw-image canon.crw-raw-image canon.cr2-raw-image canon.tif-raw-image nikon.raw-image olympus.raw-image fuji.raw-image sony.raw-image sony.arw-raw-image konicaminolta.raw-image kodak.raw-image panasonic.raw-image pentax.raw-image leafamerica.raw-image leica.raw-image hasselblad.fff-raw-image hasselblad.3fr-raw-image public.text public.rtf public.html public.xml public.xhtml Examples of Files that can be Received from other Apps and Detected: bmp clp gif img jfif jif jpeg jpg mac msp pct png ppm psp raw rle tif tiff wpg aspx html php webarchive amr dvf gsm ivs m4a m4p mmf mp3 mpc msv ogg ra rm tta wav wma lwtp mojito 3gp avi dv-avi dv dv4 dvdmedia dvr-ms dvr dvx flv m4e m4u m4v mov movie mp4 mp4v mpeg mpe mpeg4 mpf mpg mpg2 mpv mpv2 mtv mvb mvc mvd mve mvex mvp rmv rmvb video wmx wmv wp3 wtv zmv dfont fnt ttf xlam xll xls xlsb xlsm xlsx xlt xltm xltx doc docm docx dot dotm dotx oab ost pab pst pstx epi eps psd pot potm potx ppam pps ppsx pptm ppt pptx txt odt rtf xml ade adp adn accdb accdr accdt mdb mda mdn mdt mdw mdf mde accde dwt swf ai divx indd pdf rar zip


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 5.6 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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