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Back to School promotion, UbikStudent is ON SALE now at 50% off. A student life is busy enough with homework, cramming for exams and writing assignments. ...

Discontinued App


Back to School promotion, UbikStudent is ON SALE now at 50% off. A student life is busy enough with homework, cramming for exams and writing assignments. Now with UbikStudent we can make managing your academic school year more simple and easy. Never forget when your next assignment or paper is due or walk aimlessly around campus guessing the location of your next exam. This app has been designed to offer a complete set of features such as a schedule planner and an assignment tracker to help you plan and manage your day. Obtain quick access to your class schedule, papers, assignments, lectures and many more. Read below the main features you can have with this app: - Smart Dashboard Shows all the scheduled items that you have for the current day. This smart view will update in real-time showing the scheduled classes and exams you have to attend. An overview of the due and next assignments you have to complete will also appear. - The Planner Managing your schedule starts with good planning. You will be able to plan and manage your semester, courses, lectures, exams and assignments. You also can add extra information like the location of the room of your exams, course details and teacher information. - Calendar Be a grade A student! Visualize what you need to accomplish in the future. Prioritize your tasks and see what needs to get done in the next few days or upcoming weeks. Check the Calendar to view the week and to see every event, lecture, meeting or exam you have schedule on which days. - Manage your assignments Remembering the due date of assignments is always a difficult thing to do. Stay ahead of your class! This app allows you to easily manage all your assignments and homework, so you can always check what you have to do and when you have to have it done by. - iCal Events Integrate This app has integrated iCal Events from the Apple Calendar. Allowing you to manage both student life and social life, so you can see where you can pencil some leisure time. - Notifications: Stay updated and on time Be informed! Stay up to date & on time with notifications, the best way to receive alerts and stay current. - Backup your data Send, delete and restore data your data, this app offers a manageable approach to data management. - Settings Personalize your app! Set your calendar, notifications, grade system, report options and others items to customize the app to your needs. Make the world a smarter place! Share your knowledge, tells a friend about UbikStudent! Are you a teacher? Don’t worry we have the perfect app for you too. For more information check out UbikTeacher. SUPPORT If you have any feedback or questions we'd love to hear from you! For free support you can reach us by email at support@ubiklabs.com Visit our web site for more information: www.ubiklabs.com/ubikstudent Thank you!


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Version: 1.2.1

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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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