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If you are like most people just starting out, building a business is very daunting, especially if you are starting out alone or with a partner whose ...

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If you are like most people just starting out, building a business is very daunting, especially if you are starting out alone or with a partner whose guess is as good as yours. Think about it... You have a lot of ground work to do. You don't have the deep pockets to shortcut some areas in business, and you are relying solely on your own effort to get the ball rolling. No wonder 9 in every 10 businesses fail every 5 years! But everyone wants to stay out of that statistic. The good news is... YOU can! "Introducing Ultimate Productivity Mastership..." Secrets To Supercharge Your Productivity For Maximum Profits! Ultimate Productivity Mastership is a video series - broken into 4 different sessions - on how you can maximize your limited resources in time, effort and money and trade them for higher gains in business! Consider this the discipline building program for success. Here's What You Will Discover: Module 01: The Power Of One Working alone and starting your own business from scratch with little certainty of the future is very daunting. I expect you to be like most people who are just starting out - scarce resource in both time and money. "The Power of One" reveals breakthrough methods to empower yourself to focus your efforts for effects - trade effort for amplified results. Module 02: Managing Yourself -How to set priorities and time management for your business game plan -Eliminating 'time vampires' - how to get rid of counter-productive tasks and activities that do not empower you to build a profitable business and yourself as an entrepreneur! -Accountability Partner -how to find a person or people with like-minded goals you can work with on a synergistic level -And much, much more! Module 03: Acquiring Productive Skills How to get more hours in a day - find out how you can speed up irreplaceable tasks like reading, writing and any effort that leads to building the bricks for your online business. Discover the 80-20 rule and what they are when it comes to your personal life, social life and business life! Module 04: Reward, Rinse & Repeat -Why and how to reward yourself with rest every now and then -why the idea of "working hard for almost a year and going vacation for 2 weeks" is an obsolete idea - and embrace the mindset of the "new rich" aka mini-retirement plans! You have to downloading and installing this video course through iTunes or with a WiFi connection as it contains four high quality video files.


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