Salam saves time and makes it easier to pray, perform Hajj & Umrah and remain focused on your faith. Salam has ranked in the top 10 in Apple’s Travel ...

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Salam saves time and makes it easier to pray, perform Hajj & Umrah and remain focused on your faith. Salam has ranked in the top 10 in Apple’s Travel category in 59 countries. تطبيق سلام يوفر الوقت،ويسهل عليك أداء الصلاة ومناسك الحج والعمرة، بحيث تصبح أوقاتك كلها مفعمة بالإيمان والعبادة .شركة آبل صنفت تطبيق سلام ضمن أول ١٠ تطبيقات سفر بالعالم في ٥٩ بلدا “The first smartphone application to serve millions of Hajj pilgrims”- Sky News Arabia أول تطبيق للهواتف الذكية لخدمة الملايين من الحجاج” سكاي نيوز العربية" “This is a great service for pilgrims, it’s about time we put technology at the service of Islam”- Head of Planning & Development, Saudi Arabian Ministry of Social Affairs هذه خدمة ممتازة للحجاج... حان الوقت لتسخير التكنولوجيا لخدمة الإسلام”رئيس التخطيط والتطوير بوزارة الشؤون الاجتماعية السعودية" “Ultimately, when it comes to apps, isn’t it about added value…? We think so and apparently so do the users downloading Hajjnet’s app”- Entrepreneur Middle East في النهاية، عندما يتعلق الأمر بتطبيقات الهواتف الذكية، أليست هي حول القيمة المضافة ...؟ نحن نعتقد ذلك وعلى ما يبدو كذلك محملوا تطبيق Entrepreneur Middle East “سلام من “حج نت PRAYER TIMES - QIBLA DIRECTION – ISLAMIC EVENTS A beautiful watch face with Qibla direction, a countdown to the next prayer and your current location - all the information you need on one screen! Select the prayers and Islamic Events you want to set alarms for and choose from various Adhan or alarm sounds. QURAN READER & PLANNER Integrated Quran reader sorted by Surahs and chapters for simple navigation. Bookmark notable verses or where you last stopped to track your recitation progress. Adjust text, background color, and border options for an enhanced reading experience. Use Salam’s Quran Planner to finish within 30, 60, or 120 days. Meet your Quran recitation goals for yourself and complete it within the selected timeframe. Separate plan to finish the Quran in Ramadan. Set daily reminders and catch up on reading if you miss a day. HAJJ & UMRAH GUIDANCE Easy to follow guidance in a scrolling timeline, similar to Social Media platforms, is intuitive and smooth to guide you through every step along the way. Presented with beautiful pictures, informative videos, easy to follow information and a corresponding Du’a, wherever applicable that you can read and listen to. Progress bar displays current stage of the journey. SOCIAL DU’A & PERSONAL DU’A FEATURES Notify Facebook friends of your upcoming pilgrimage so they can send you requests to make Du’a for them; this comes directly to you on the app. Pray for your loved ones and notify them when you have done so. Keep a Personal Du’a list that you can prepare, save and easily access while on the journey. FRIEND TRACKING AND HAJJ & UMRAH MAP Never get separated from your companions on the journey with Salam Friend tracking feature on the map, along with finding all essential service providers and important sites in Makkah, Madinah, Jeddah, Arafah, and Mina. Pin your Mina tent/hotel, locate the Ka’bah, and discover major sites with detailed descriptions. TAWAF & SA’I COUNTERS Tawaf & Sa’i counter to track your progress and provide Du’as to recite, wherever applicable. No more counting them in your head and losing track of how many rounds you have completed.


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Version: 3.0.6

Size: 46.31 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Hajjnet FZE

Day of release: 2013-07-17

Recommended age: 17+

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