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Understanding the Anatomy of the Nervous System

Learn about the most complex body system with this Understanding the Anatomy of the Nervous System learning program. A.D.A.M., Inc. provides fully animated, ...

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Learn about the most complex body system with this Understanding the Anatomy of the Nervous System learning program. A.D.A.M., Inc. provides fully animated, fully narrated, interactive eLearning programs relevant to health care and life sciences. This learning program begins with an introduction to the cells of the nervous system. You will then learn about the main components of neurons and about the classification of neurons and neuroglia. You will also learn about the major structures and components of the central nervous system (CNS) and of the peripheral nervous system (PNS). Progress checks throughout the program will help reinforce key concepts. A final assessment at the end of the program will evaluate your ability to meet the learning objectives. At the end of this learning program you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge of nervous system anatomy using the appropriate language. This program will cover 37 topics and will take you approximately 50 minutes to complete. Upon completion of this learning program, you will be able to: •Identify the cells and cellular components of the nervous system. •Identify the major components of the central nervous system. •Identify the major components of the peripheral nervous system. Program Features: •Fully-narrated and animated learning •Evaluations throughout the program •Narration script accessible at all times •Glossary available at all times •Easy navigational tools TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1.GETTING STARTED 1.1.Disclaimer 1.2.Welcome 1.3.Navigation Instructions 2.STAYING FOCUSED 2.1.Introduction 2.2.Learning Objectives 3.CELLS OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM 3.1.Overview 3.2.Neurons Popup: Cell Body Popup: Dendrites Popup: Axon 3.3.Side Note: Digging Deeper 3.4.Progress Check 3.5.Classification of Neurons 3.6.Progress Check 3.7.Neuroglia Popup: Astrocytes Popup: Oligodendrocytes Popup: Microglia Popup: Ependymal Cells Popup: Schwann Cells Popup: Satellite Cells 3.8.Pop Quiz 4.THE CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM 4.1.Overview 4.2.Gray and White Matter 4.3.Pop Quiz 4.4.Brain Anatomy 4.5.Progress Check 4.6.Spinal Cord External Anatomy 4.7.Spinal Cord Internal Anatomy 4.8.Vasculature of the CNS 4.9.Side Note: Did You Know? 4.10.Pop quiz 5.THE PERIPHERAL NERVOUS SYSTEM 5.1.Overview 5.2.Pop Quiz 5.3.Cranial and Spinal Nerves 5.4.Pop Quiz 5.5.Anatomy of the ANS 5.6.Pop Quiz 5.7.Sensory Receptors Overview 5.8.Progress Check 5.9.General Sensory Receptors 5.10.Progress Check 5.11.Special Sensory Receptors Popup: Vision Popup: Smell Popup: Hearing and Equilibrium Popup: Taste 6.TEST YOUR ACQUIRED KNOWLEDGE 6.1.Summary 6.2.Final Assessment 7.END OF PROGRAM 8.TELL US WHAT YOU THINK 9.YOU MAY ALSO LIKE 10.GLOSSARY About us: A.D.A.M., has been working in the healthcare industry for over 20 years. A.D.A.M. is the largest health education provider in North America, delivering truly integrated, evidence-based training in the biomedical sciences. We develop innovative health education solutions based on solid instructional design, a consistent editorial voice and best-in-class multimedia capabilities on the web or iPad. Our multimedia solutions provide a consistent source of engaging and interactive content, designed to educate and empower learners and to have a real impact on performance. Our products are widely acknowledgement for their scientific integrity and creativity, and have received numerous industry awards.


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