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Converber is a unit converter with additional features that include bookmarks, searching, inline calculations, history, and more. It is a multifunctional ...

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Converber is a unit converter with additional features that include bookmarks, searching, inline calculations, history, and more. It is a multifunctional utility that helps make easy conversions between 1900+ various units of measure in 53 categories. Converber converts everything from length and force to flow and temperature. See some of the features listed below and watch our demo/tutorial video². ▼ Features ··► Bookmark favorites ··► Search ··► Inline calculations ··► Filter common units ··► History ··► Currency converter ··► Foot'inch support ··► Decimal-point precision option ··► Swap selected units ··► Remembers last units used ··► 53 categories ··► 1900+ units (This is not a play on words. This is the actual number of distinct units, not "unit conversions". Converber was released on the PC in January 2005 with over 250 units of measure and has steadily increased ever since.) ··► Automatic updates¹ ▼ Usability ··► Toolbar ··► Single screen ··► Intuitive ··► Colorful category icons Converber has been designed and built by the same developers as the PC freeware under the same title. Converber uses the same calculation and unit database that has been proven by users around the globe. Converber has been maintained and updated for the PC for over five years. iPhone's Area Calculator and Volume Calculator are also products built and supported by Summit Apps. ▼ Categories ··► acceleration ··► angle ··► angular acceleration ··► angular momentum ··► area ··► base ··► blood sugar-glucose (diabetes) ··► computer - data rate ··► computer - storage ··► concentration ··► cooking ··► currency ··► density ··► distance ··► electric capacitance ··► electric charge ··► electric conductance ··► electric conductivity ··► electric current ··► electric field strength ··► electric inductance ··► electric potential ··► electric resistance ··► electric resistivity ··► energy ··► flow ··► flow - mass ··► force ··► frequency ··► fuel consumption ··► light - illuminance ··► light - luminance ··► magnetic field strength ··► magnetic flux ··► magnetic flux density ··► magnetomotive force ··► mass ··► mass flux density ··► overall heat transfer coefficient ··► power ··► prefix ··► pressure ··► radiation ··► radiation absorbed dose ··► radiation activity ··► radiation exposure ··► roman numerals ··► speed ··► temperature ··► time ··► torque ··► viscosity - dynamic ··► viscosity - kinematic ··► volume ▼ Some User Comments ··► "AWESOME!" -iPhone OS 3.1.3 User - 7/16/2010 ··► "love your apps!" -iOS 4.0 User - 7/10/2010 ··► "great app" -iOS 4.1 User - 11/5/2010 ··► "absolutely the best convert for engineering." -iOS 4.2.1 User - 4/17/2011 ··► "Very comprehensive app. Can't imagine ever needing another unit converter!" -iPhone OS 4.3.2 User - 4/28/2011 ··► "Always has been the best free unit conversion tool for the PC, happy to support it for iOS. Thanks!" -iPhone OS 4.3.3 User - 5/26/2011 ▼ Other Applications by SummitApps ··► Area Calculator (Rectangles, circles, triangles, polygons, hyperbolas and others - 22 shapes in Area Calculator!) ··► Volume Calculator (Cubes, cylinders, pyramids, spheres, cones, paraboloids and others - 26 shapes in Volume Calculator!) A video tutorial is located on our website². Suggestions for improvements are always welcome. We hope you consider Converber for your unit conversion needs. ¹ Currency updated weekdays at approximately 12:50 pm EST ² http://www.summitapps.com


Technical specifications

Version: 1.5

Size: 972.8 KB


Price: 0,91 €

Developed by Summit Applications, LLC

Day of release: 2010-06-3

Recommended age: 4+

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