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A Universally customisable, iCloud enabled, feature rich Logbook. Rapid data recording in the field with powerful summarisation. Includes a long list ...

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A Universally customisable, iCloud enabled, feature rich Logbook. Rapid data recording in the field with powerful summarisation. Includes a long list of supported specialties. iCloud enabled. No subscriptions or hidden charges. Plugins can be created for any specialty and fully edited in app. ***NEW Download the user guide from the support website. Originally designed for medicine, the customisability of this logbook allows any application including mountaineering, SCUBA and education uses. Customise manually or automatically via plugins (see below). All menu lists, field names etc are customisable. Set it up the way you want and then email your setup plugin to colleagues. Separate sections within the logbook allow entirely different data forms almost acting as separate logbooks. REVIEWS Thanks very much for the positive reviews. The app is now rated 5 stars on the UK store and is now being discovered by doctors worldwide. Any issues or questions - make contact via logbook.burgul.com. Remember I'm here to help. FEATURES New in version 4.7 -For anaesthetists, this version will auto import csv files from previous logbooks (more details on website). -CSV import (tested with 6000 records). -Customisable summary table export. -Customiseable pivot tables. -File manager with iCloud drive integration. -File manager allows sharing of files with other apps and access on other devices. -New 'Wk' button displays recent records of past week. -Multiple bug fixes. - Free Macintosh & PC desktop versions now available. - Shake to sort and tilt for charts - Rapid data entry via dual picker wheels. - Minimal requirement to use keyboard. - All menus, field names, default values, colours & field order customisable. - Button bars magically appear for menus of 6 items or less. - Data organised automatically by sections and categories (user definable). - Aggregate entries allow entry as a list of patients as one record. - Filter data by any combination of fields. - Export data as csv (compatible with excel and many other applications). - Export full report including summation of aggregate fields. - Import / export formats via desktop logbook: csv, tab, merge, excel, dBase. - Import from desktop logbook - Reports and export data accessible via iTunes, and email. - Export reports or charts for entire dataset or individual blocks. - Full back up and restore. - Passcode protection - Multitasking support allows logbook to instantly load from background. PLUGINS I'm continually developing plugins. If your speciality is not listed please email me via the support link and you may qualify for a free copy of the logbook if you can help put together a plugin. You can create your own in-app but i'm happy to bulk upload larger menu lists. Plugins can be combined to make multi speciality plugins. Furthermore, switching plugins does not wipe existing data so you can switch plugins if and when you switch specialties. Available for GPAppraisal, Emergency medicine, radiology, Surgery, Urology, Orthopaedics,ENT, Obs & gynae, orthodontic & maxillofacial surgery, ophthalmology, cardiology, medical student, anaesthetics (RCOA compliant) and neurosurgery (EANS compliant), neurosurgery (french), Mountaineering, Search & Rescue. Medicine plugin - includes Chest, Imaging, Rheumatology, Circulation, Renal, Haem,GI, Derm, Neuro, Cardio, Uro and Emergency procedures. Feel free to add to this yourself or email me to make up a new plugin. FURTHER DEVELOPMENT The author is a full time NHS consultant involved in training. Development continues with direct feedback from local trainees and worldwide email feedback. Please continue emailing in requests. CONTACT More info and contact details at logbook.burgul.com


Technical specifications

Version: 4.7.3

Size: 11.99 MB


Price: 4,66 €

Developed by Raj Burgul

Day of release: 2010-06-3

Recommended age: 12+

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