Discontinued App


Line-of-Sight messaging... Free for a limited time! Try it now! Introducing line-of-sight messaging for an out-of-the-box way to network, socially... Unshout ...

Discontinued App


Line-of-Sight messaging... Free for a limited time! Try it now! Introducing line-of-sight messaging for an out-of-the-box way to network, socially... Unshout allows you to quickly communicate with people nearby by showing a short message on your iPhone or iPad’s screen. Think "Twitter meets Powerpoint". Simply select a message from the catalog of things to say and show it. Or type in your own message. Unshout moods let you choose the color scheme and animation effect to use when showing your messages. Note: The screen shots don’t show the cool fun animated text effects! Visit the web site to check it out! Messages can be easily organized by category, while favorite things you say as well as things you said are remembered. Unshout can be used several ways. Holding your phone in your hand you can flash a message at someone. Unshout messages rotate and get resized when you change your phone’s orientation, and several different color schemes and animated effects makes your message fun. Another way to use Unshout is to put your phone on the table and have it show a message. For example, put your phone on the table at a restaurant with the message “Check Please” using a Lighthouse effect and... magic happens. Unshout can be helpful when organizing the things you want to say to someone. It can be especially useful for calmly expressing your feelings on a difficult matter, or for presenting a complex line of reasoning. Simply create a category with all the things you want to say, then show each point to check them off on the list as you discuss them. Unshout can be used in many situations such as: * In a quiet environment such as a library. Example: “Is this seat taken?” * In a loud environment such as a concert. Example: “Did you bring ear plugs!” * In an emergency, as a way to get help. Example: “Help! I’m being followed.” * As a way to communicate with a deaf person. Example: “What can I get for you?” * In a busy restaurant to tell the waitress you need something. Example: “I need a fork.” * In a noisy bar to order cocktails. Examples: “Cosmo with 2 cherries” or “2 Cabernet” * In a meeting or conference call. Example: “Don’t make promises.” * To express a political opinion. Example: “Visualize Whirled Peas!” * In the back seat of the car used by kids on a trip. Example: “You stink!”. * As a way to communicate from parents to teenagers. Example: “I love you!” * As a way to introduce yourself. Example: “Care to dance?” * In your home. Example: “Take out the trash” * In an awkward situation. Example: “Your fly is open!” Unshout can also be used to show classroom and business presentations. Messages created with Unshout can be exported and sent via e-mail for back-up or to import on another iPhone. Messages in Unshout use a mini-wiki format that make it easy to format your messages for display using your iPhone or iPad. For example, use a backslash for a new line. Other special message formatting includes: Header: Content |Footer [^Larger text] [_Smaller] [__Smallest] [#Alternate Color] [#purple#Your color] [#RRGGBB#Your color] {List text}Message {*Info list text}Message We hope you enjoy using our product. Say it with style with Unshout! Unshout (tm) is a trademark of Chad Smith.


Technical specifications

Version: 13.01.01

Size: 1.15 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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