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!!! KNOCK HOURS OFF STUDY TIME !!! !!! PASS EXAMS WITH CONFIDENCE AND EASE !!! Upgrade U is a complete App designed to help you study and MASTER ...

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!!! KNOCK HOURS OFF STUDY TIME !!! !!! PASS EXAMS WITH CONFIDENCE AND EASE !!! Upgrade U is a complete App designed to help you study and MASTER the U.S. Coast Guard Deck Exams for ALL licenses. !!! Study and Test anywhere you go !!! !!! WITHOUT INTERNET !!! Studying for exams takes a lot of TIME!!! Between school, work, family and social time with friends things start to fall through the cracks. Many available study aids are great, but tie you to a desk chair and take a lot of time planning as well as having a high upfront cost to you. The books necessary are heavy and not very convenient to haul around with you. DON’T GET TIED DOWN STUDYING!!! ??? Have a moment to study??? Want to take a quick test while you’re… * waiting for your order of Chinese food? * hanging out at a baseball game? * on a layover for your trip to Tahiti? * in the cab on the way to your ship? * waiting for your daughters dance recital to start? * waiting on your instructor to show up to class? * on the way to take your test? (Just not while driving!!) … So much available time you can now take advantage of!!! It’s always with you!! Studying for Exams has never been more convenient to incorporate into your every day life! ** University Studies and Psychological Scientists have proven that Practice Testing is one of two of the most effective ways to study! ** ~ APA, Association For Psychological Science ~ INCLUDED: - ALL the Coast Guard questions that can be asked on your exam - Practice Tests to take over and over until you get it right!!! Not just a study App! IT TEACHS YOU! - Tracks testing scores and stats showing where you are the strongest and weakest allowing you to focus on weaker areas, saving you much needed time - Each exam lists the minimum score required to pass - See the questions you answered correctly and incorrectly after each test - Upgrade U tracks the % of times a question is answered correctly, removing the question after answering it correctly 3 times (90%), allowing you to study the questions you absolutely need - Majority of the Resources needed to effectively study and test - Flash Cards displaying light diagrams - Study tips for success available in extras tab *** IMPORTANT *** Upgrade U IS updated with the current Coast Guard question numbers and questions. The questions and numbers on OTHER study software may not be updated so don’t count on the numbers from other software when searching for a question in Upgrade U. ************* CONVENIENT FEATURES: - No Internet needed, great for studying on ships with no Internet!! - Links available for study supplies - Choose your license and you will ONLY see the questions on YOUR exam - Interface is not obnoxious or distracting allowing you to focus on the questions, as well as being VERY easy to navigate - Upgrade U is a tax write off for you Mariners! - KNOW how you are going to perform on tests BEFORE testing! + Engineering testing app coming soon! + Questions will be updated as the Coast Guard updates them + Updates to improve features, App performance and efficiency will frequently be released + Upcoming links to Unions, Schools and other organizations - THIS APP IS FOR US MARINERS!! Please email ANY comments or suggestions to make this App everything WE need it to be!! ALSO, Please rate the App, so other Mariners will know how you liked the App! Even stars are helpful if you don’t have the time to comment! THANK YOU for your help! !!! It’s never too early to get started!!! UPGRADE U !!!


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