Buy venues, earn money and collect information about your city by playing with the neighborhood around you in Urbanopoly. Create your venues' portfolio ...

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Buy venues, earn money and collect information about your city by playing with the neighborhood around you in Urbanopoly. Create your venues' portfolio and become the greatest landlord ever!How does Urbanopoly work? Venues are real places around you and selected from OpenStreetMap: shops, restaurants, monuments, etc.; to create your venues' portfolio, you can visit them and discover if they are free or owned by someone else. If the venue is free and you have enough money, you can buy it; otherwise, if the venue is owned by another player, you spin the wheel to see what's your destiny. You earn money by helping advertising or answering questions about venues; if you are lucky you can take the ownership from another player, if not you must pay a fee.For every venue you own, you will receive a daily bonus. Don't you have enough money to buy a venue or pay the rent? You can sell your venues or mortgage them to get 50% of their value immediately. But do not forget to redeem the mortgage within the expiry date or you will lose the ownership.Remember! Insert the most precise information you know about venues, because your actions determine your destiny: inaccurate information will be discovered and you will be penalized over time. On the contrary, genuine collaboration will be rewarded.Urbanopoly is currently available for players moving in Milano and Lombardy Region (Italy), in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and in Boston, MA (USA). Other cities will be added soon. Play Urbanopoly also to beat your Facebook friends: climb the high score list and aim for the top! What are you waiting for? Play Urbanopoly!Urbanopoly requires an active Internet connection and a Facebook account to log in. Urbanopoly is optimized for Smart Phones and is currently available in English and Italian.The data you provide will be treated as specified in our Terms&Conditions; specifically, validated inputs will be given back to the OpenStreetMap community and to Lombardy Region.Urbanopoly is a result in the fields of Human Computation and Linked Data brought to you by CEFRIEL and Politecnico di Milano in the context of the PlanetData research project, co-funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme.
The initial dataset was derived from OpenStreetMap http://www.openstreetmap.org/ (according to the ODbL license, http://opendatacommons.org/licenses/odbl/) and from the Open Data platform of the Lombardy region https://dati.lombardia.it/ (according to the IODL 2.0 license, http://www.dati.gov.it/iodl/2.0/).


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Developed by CEFRIEL

Recommended age: 9+

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