Discontinued App


*** The "pro" version price was dropped for a limited time *** Vocabulary Trainer can help you improve your vocabulary. This is a great app for your ...

Discontinued App


*** The "pro" version price was dropped for a limited time *** Vocabulary Trainer can help you improve your vocabulary. This is a great app for your children as well as for you. You can improve your vocabulary of Spanish, Hebrew, Russian or any language you like to. You need to build the vocabulary you like to practice and then start the exercise. You can build vocabulary with translation from any language to any language (e.g English/Hebrew, English/Spanish, Spanish/Russian etc'), samples included. You may split your vocabulary into a set of categories (e.g. Days of week, food, colors etc'). Each word should be assigned with its correct mean. During the exercise each one of the words will be shown to you at a time while giving you a set of four possible means. You should choose the correct mean from the list. If your answer is correct you will get a positive feedback and automatically progress to the next word. If you answer is incorrect you will get a negative feedback as well as the correct mean. In addition that word will be automatically append to the list of words so you will have an additional chance to practice on it (this will happend again and again until you will answer the correct mean for that word). When you finish the exercise (answer correctly on all words), a feedback will be given to you. You can export and import your vocabulary using iTunes File Sharing (see help for more details). This will enable you to share your vocabulary with your friends. ** The pro version has additional great features: - You can select which categories will take part in the exercise - let you focus your exercise. - User Profiles - enable several users to exercise on the same device - each with its own set of categories. - Audio vocabulary. You can add an audio record to your words. This will allow exercise for kids that having problem reading the foreign language words. - no ADs ** Important: Just to make it clear, Vocabulary-Trainer does not come with a built-in vocabulary. You need to enter and setup your own vocabulary using the language and the specific words you like to practice. This feature let you exercise the specific vocabulary you really need to practice (e.g for school). In addition, you can share your vocabulary with your friends or other iOS devices using the built-in email sharing or iTunes File Sharing (see details on the application page: http://www.liorsoft.com/iphone-apps/vocabulary-trainer).


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0

Size: 1.71 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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