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People, wake up- this is not a dream, its reality! Truth be told, you`re in control. Confess your “VISION” and feel the accomplishments! Go ...

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People, wake up- this is not a dream, its reality! Truth be told, you’re in control. Confess your “VISION” and feel the accomplishments! Go ahead, ask, “What are you talking about?” You don’t know? It’s your VISION; however, WE are “VISION APPAREL!” In fact, at VISION APPAREL, we’re the epitome of movers and shakers. Who are the mover and shakers? It’s like this; the mighty “V” is an exclusive enterprise-launched by a close knit family and founded VISION APPAREL in a city that never sleeps, Las Vegas, Nevada. Why Exclusive?!?! Because not everybody recognizes their own VISION. In saying that, VISION APPAREL appreciates the fact that we are able to wake up to a brand new day feeling VICTORIOUS by virtue of the mighty “V.” Therefore, our wide variety of clothing line, symbolizes that one-of-a-kind, most def defined-never confined design- intended for the empowerment of extraordinary minds. Ya dig? As a result, VISION APPAREL believes that every piece of apparel should be eye-catching with so much pizzazz, we’re revolutionizing the 21st century of stylishness. For that reason, the family of VISION APPAREL wouldn’t want anyone sporting some evil fruit that’s manufactured out of a big ole chunky farm. Peep this, remember that hot single “GIT up, GIT out and GIT something?” Well, here it is- those that rock and wear, whichever assortments of elite, top-notch, classy and upbeat VISION APPAREL, you’re dressing not only to impress, but separated from the rest.The almighty “V” is designed for men, women, girls and boys. It’s about being on your individual grind- at all the times. It’s cool if a 9 to 5 is part of your daily groove, we have a POLO VISION that will indeed break the rules; there are different VISION Hoodies and tasteful- custom Tees for everyday living. What's more, if ya like the outside and jogging, skate boarding or balling is your pleasure, then VISION APPAREL can withstand any kind of weather. All is well for all those beautiful women; glamour of VISION is so appealing. We’ve developed shimmering Tank Tops, animal print Hoodies, fun and fabulous Leggings, which can be oh so tight when accessorized with one of VISIONS’ chicest dresses- customized to fit ANY size. Kids, we got you too. Mom or Dad knows exactly what to do. Got it now? “Cause we’re kickin new flava in ya ear.” Go on-click, pick and purchase your affordable VISION gear! Remember, it’s your VISION... That’s VISION APPAREL! visionapparelonline.com visionapparelonline@gmail.com @vision_apparel - Twitter facebook.com/Visionapparel247 - Shop VISION clothing - Request Custom prints and colors - Submit your VISION - VISION Gallery - Contact directly


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