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iViewer version 2.4 will no longer be updated, please download iViewer version 3.0 from AppStore VIVOTEK ...

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iViewer version 2.4 will no longer be updated, please download iViewer version 3.0 from AppStore VIVOTEK is proud to announce the release of its iViewer Lite for iPhone and iPad. The purpose of iViewer Lite is to allow users to be able to access the image of the monitored area off-site with just a click away on their mobile devices. iViewer Lite enables users to view the live streaming video from multiple individual cameras or those managed by centralized management software VAST or standard recording software ST7501 for 30 seconds. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Features ---------------------------------------------------------------------- "Connection architecture" 1. Supports connections to cameras under VAST/ST7501 servers or directly to individual cameras. 2. Supports hundreds of live view camera connections from an unlimited number of server connections 3. Allows hundreds of server connections to be saved to a “Favorite” list for quick access "Control of real-time video display" 1. Supports PTZ/ePTZ camera control through a PTZ panel and multi-touch interface 2. Supports saving of preferred view settings through “Save layout” 3. Supports real-time switching of cameras by selecting one to replace the source of the current video displayed 4. Allows capture of video frames using the “Snapshot” command "Remote playback" 1. Supports single-channel playback initiated by search for a specific day/time 2. Supports multiple choice of playback duration time from 1/2/5/10 min 3. Supports variable-speed fast-forward and reverse 4. Allows capture of video frames using “Snapshot” command "Support for fisheye views" 1. Supports configuration of fisheye views based on mount type and the video’s native view type ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Important notice: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. In order to use iViewer, a VAST/ST7501 server or VIVOTEK Camera is required. 2. The supported version of VAST and ST7501 is V1.5.2.8 & above. 3. VIVOTEK 7000 & 8000 series cameras are supported in iViewer. 4. iViewer only supports iPad, iPod touch 3rd generation, iPhone 3GS or later version. 5. In order to modify the video quality of live viewing in iViewer, please check the "Video Quality" settings of "stream 3"(or "stream 2" for dual-stream model) in your camera configuration page. When adding the following cameras, users need to select either stream 1 or stream 2. Camera Model: IP7138, IP7139, IP7151, IP7152, IP7153, IP7154, IP7330, IP7130, IP7142, IP7133, IP7134, PZ7131, PZ7132, PZ7151, PZ7152, FD7131, FD7132, FD7141, MD7530, SD7313, SD7323, SD7151. 6. If you are upgrading from earlier iViewer (~1.3.x.x), please be sure to refresh the device info. You can easily do this by pulling down the device list at "Edit Layout" page. Otherwise, the outdated data may cause unstable behavior. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Support: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- You may go on VIVOTEK website to check for more information and iViewer video introduction. Please contact our support team if there is any question.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.4.2

Size: 20.29 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by VIVOTEK inc.

Day of release: 2011-12-14

Recommended age: 4+

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