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VIZeBooks - The VIZual ebook store & reader. Download this FREE App to enter the VIZeBook Store with its interactive palettes and built-in Reader. Collect ...

Discontinued App


VIZeBooks - The VIZual ebook store & reader. Download this FREE App to enter the VIZeBook Store with its interactive palettes and built-in Reader. Collect your FREE GRAPHIC PALETTES (Textures, Borders, Colors, and Retro & Vintage Style Patterns) from the Palette Box/Tab. If you are a designer, artist, illustrator, photographer or multi-media artist, VIZeBooks offers you a culturally rich selection of visual art books, plus a unique opportunity to have your own artwork or book project published. VIZeBooks has an Independents Bookshelf that gives visual artists the opportunity to sell their own book or portfolio project worldwide. Here you will find new and experimental visual artists who are at the cutting edge of their creative industry. VIZeBooks is the professional visual artists’ interactive eBook choice with award-winning and beautifully designed books. The App is simple to navigate and has been designed to be visually instinctive with ‘touch and see’ technology. You quite simply browse the bookshelves the way you would in a bookstore. You will also see there is up to 50% discount on many of the current books. There are 6 Tabs in the iPad version and 5 in the iPhone/iPod version (“Submit” and “Distribute” are combined). Bookcase The Bookcase is split into shelves for Design, Art & Illustration, Photography and Independent Visual Artists’ books. Simply touch the book cover to review the contents and purchase when you see what you want. All our books come with a built-in Reader that is easy to use and displays the books’ visual content with clarity, readability and image perfection. Palettes Go into the Palettes Box to collect your FREE Palettes of Graphics, Vectors, Patterns & Color Palettes. There are full sets of palettes and videos attached to many of the books. Look out for the palette and video symbols on the covers. Submit You can submit your book or portfolio project to sell within this App or simply submit individual artworks for publication within our internationally known 100s series that sells in most art and gallery bookstores. Distribute Visual Art Publishers and Independents can sell their books using our App. You can find out all the details and how simple it is to start making money from your visual book content. Network Communicate with other visual artists from around the world and network with the top professional organizations. VIZeBooks has integrated a Facebook and Twitter page to create a community of like-minded visual artists. Please add your details to the contacts book – the secret to success is networking. Info Getting the most from your VIZeBooks App is simply explained with a contact/help link. LANGUAGE English Requirements Compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch VIZeBooks link to vizebooks.com & angelapatchellbooks.com


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Version: 1.4

Size: 10.64 MB


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Developed by Angela Patchell Books

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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