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VOA News Special English 2011

This is a VOA Special English learning application, which is easy-to-use, simple and effective. ☆It includes seven major categories of VOA Special ...

Discontinued App


This is a VOA Special English learning application, which is easy-to-use, simple and effective. ☆It includes seven major categories of VOA Special English in 2011, a total of 296 reports! 【4 Features】 ... The software contains quality audio files and enables learning at anytime you like even in the absence of Internet access. ... Accurate translation with graphical and text descriptions to help you understand and learn. ...Full text reading and sentence-by-sentence reading and re-play upon a single click to improve learning efficiency. ... Repeated reading sentence-by-sentence and audio record reference that encourage you to read out authentic American English. 【Full text reading】 ※Click the sentence to play it. ※Hold the sentence to repeat reading it at a regular interval of 3 seconds. ※Drag the article up and down to pause. ※Background playing to make it convenient for other operations. ※Automatic re-play; controllable play of previous or next article. ※Adjustable background color, font size and highlight color of texts. 【sentence-by-sentence Speaking】 ※Your repeat of each sentence is expected and recorded. ※Reading to be repeated automatically if no learner response is detected for long. ※Automatic replay of audio records after learner repeating; manual comparisons of voices are enabled. ※Click on left and right arrows or scroll the screen to skip to previous or next sentence. 【Translation Languages】 ※ 60+ Languages 〖Agriculture Report〗 Reports about agricultural science and technology work and productions, covering the latest developments in agricultural science and technology across the world, particularly America’s modern farming productions, the researches of scientists in specific aspects of agriculture and their analysis and researches regarding specific natural phenomena that may affect farming productions. 〖Economics Report〗 Economic development is particularly a focus of attention. It is highly useful in that it is not only updated with the latest developments and changes in the global economy, but also teaches some common sense and knowledge about economic issues. 〖Education Report〗 It conveys the latest education-related information of the USA and the world to all learners. In particular, some information is very helpful to English learners. 〖Health Report〗 It covers the subjects of health that is closely related to everybody, including CPR (Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation), viruses and diseases discovered most recently and various medical tips that you may or my not know. It can not only improve your English proficiency, but also enhance your health conditions before you come to know it. 〖In the News〗 It covers worldwide politics, economy, military affairs, foreign affairs, international relations, religions, weather conditions and various major events and anecdotes. 〖Words and Their Stories〗 As a very good material to learn American English, it introduces the vivid and interesting words, expressions and phrases in American English through story-telling. You can not only enjoy the interesting stories read in authentic American English, but also improve your knowledge of the social and cultural backgrounds, historic traditions and status-quo of the USA. 〖Technology Report〗 Reports about the latest developments in modern science and technology, covering physics, chemistry, astronomy, geography, biology, environmental hygiene, psychology, education, pharmacy and computer science and applicable for university students and practitioners of science to collect information and learn science and technology English.


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