This app complies with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) where the logbook method is used to record business use of a vehicle. It is also suitable for ...

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This app complies with the Australian Tax Office (ATO) where the logbook method is used to record business use of a vehicle. It is also suitable for use in New Zealand, South Africa, France, Netherlands, UK and other European countries where detailed logbooks must be kept for tax purposes. VehicleLog calculates the percentage business use of a vehicle, optionally uses your GPS, integrates with your Calendars, Contacts, and a favourites function for your trip purposes, and generates high quality PDF reports. This app is suitable for both individuals and large fleets within an organisation. This app supports - multiple vehicles. - multiple logbook periods. - calculates & reports your % business use. - editing of all existing trip records. - publishes both CSV files and PDF formatted reports for your logbook. - audit report in both PDF and optional CSV format. - optional use of GPS to automatically calculate end odometer value. - purpose of journey using favourites (e.g. "sales calls", then select additional contact or calendar entries). - selection of calendar entries in the purpose of the journey. - selection of contact details in the purpose of journey. - all calendar types (CalDev/Exchange/Local) supported. - support for flagging of private trips - optional daily reminder notifications. - optional inclusion of driver and employee id/reference details for corporate use. - optional inclusion of start/stop times, start/end locations and trip route in reports when using the GPS. Send it directly to your employer, accountant or tax agent. You can also claim the cost of this app in your tax return. It is a legitimate expense and is fully tax deductible. The application can also be used by employees who use their own vehicle for work related travel and need to submit KM reimbursement claims to their employers. RECORDING OF PERSONAL TRIPS IS NOT REQUIRED BY THE ATO. IF YOU ARE USING THE APP FOR FBT PURPOSES, YOU ONLY NEED TO RECORD BUSINESS RELATED TRAVEL. HOWEVER IF YOU REQUIRE RECORDING OF PRIVATE TRAVEL YOU CAN ENABLE THIS IN THE APP SETTINGS. If you are using the app for KM reimbursement claims you can record any trip information you wish to as long as its relevant to your claim. ** Note ** When using the GPS we recommended that your device is used in conjunction with a cradle that is also plugged into a power source in your vehicle. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. VehicleLog has been designed to continue receiving GPS updates while in background mode. If you use the GPS feature of VehicleLog to calculate your end odometer value for a trip, or record trip start and stop locations and route information, please be aware that running other resource intensive GPS apps in the foreground may cause iOS to suspend VehicleLog while it is running in background mode. Users may think our app is under reading distances or not recording trip distances properly, however it is iOS suspending the app and VehicleLog cannot continue to process GPS location updates. The number pad, unlike other iPhone keypads has no "Done" button. When using a number keypad the default behaviour of this app is to simply tap inside or outside the entry field again to dismiss the keypad. Be sure to check out our blog . We welcome any feedback you have.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.8.3

Size: 907.92 KB


Price: 8,25 €

Developed by Gunn Software Pty Ltd

Day of release: 2011-11-26

Recommended age: 4+

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