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148Apps "Learning how to conjugate verbs is dull, but Verb Challenge Spanish makes it much more interesting." Jennifer Allen Fun Educational Apps "Verb ...

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148Apps "Learning how to conjugate verbs is dull, but Verb Challenge Spanish makes it much more interesting." Jennifer Allen Fun Educational Apps "Verb Challenge Spanish-A Great Alternative to Boring Drills." Julie Peterson *DESCRIPTION* Verb Challenge Spanish is an engaging game that enables you to learn how to conjugate the 100 most common verbs in the 5 most used tenses in Spanish. Master the conjugation of both irregular and regular verbs (-ar, -er, -ir), through a gameplay specifically designed for it. Enjoy, in Classic Mode, over 100 levels and more than 50 epic quests carefully designed to practice specific conjugation patterns. You have a conjugation test coming soon? No worries, create your own level with the verbs you need to practice the most in Custom Mode. If you need to know how to conjugate a verb ASAP, we have you covered! Access to a comprehensive conjugation chart for any verb covered in the game right from the title screen, so you don’t need any other reference app at all. Help the Mayans build their pyramid by making sentences in Spanish. Win the race against the sun, and bend the sun and time with amazing power-ups! The game also provides an in-game complete conjugation chart for all the verbs covered within the game and touristic information about Mexico. *ABOUT US* At Chido Games, we believe we can bring cultures together through language learning and video games. We developed Verb Challenge Spanish with only one goal in mind: making the best game ever for learning how to conjugate in Spanish! To do so, we left flash-cards and multiple choice-like game mechanics behind. Verb challenge Spanish is a real and engaging game, not a series of boring multiple choice exercises disguised as a game. This game was designed by the linguist and game designer Alberto Ramirez with the help of three doctors in linguistics from the Public University of Queretaro, Mexico: Monica Sanaphre, Luisa Josefina Alarcón and Adriana Medellín. *SUPPORT* If you are a Spanish teacher or you are passionate about learning Spanish, and this game made easy for you learning how to conjugate in Spanish, we’d love to hear your story. Please visit , follow, like, write or review us. VISIT US: FOLLOW US: @ChidoGames LIKE US: WRITE US: REVIEW US HERE We are eager to hear about your learning experience with Verb Challenge Spanish!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3

Size: 21.2 MB


Price: 4,71 €

Developed by Alberto Ramirez Lujano

Day of release: 2013-10-23

Recommended age: 4+

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