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**** VeriSearch Local Services **** ~ Your Business – Listed Everywhere ~ Major Directory Verification and Optimization – VeriSearch is an Online ...

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**** VeriSearch Local Services **** ~ Your Business - Listed Everywhere ~ Major Directory Verification and Optimization - VeriSearch is an Online Reputation, Social Media, and Local Business Directory Management Company that helps Small Business Owners Build, Track, Measure, and Manage their Online Presence while monitoring keeping a close eye on the competition. VeriSearch helps you Create, Edit or Update your Business Information on the Most Relevant and Popular Online Directory Sites that Rank Highest in Search Engines; Placing Your Business Front and Center in the places where consumers are most likely to look for you. ~ Growing Your Most Important Business Asset - Your Reputation ~ You’ll Leverage the Most Powerful Referral Service Available To Grow Your Business Online - Satisfied Customers. Our Social Ignitors Makes it Simple For Happy Customers To Leave You A Glowing Review and Minimize the Impact If One Bad Review Does Pop Up. Plus with our Active Intelligence Monitoring Service, we’ll Promptly Alert you to All New Mentions, Reviews, Ratings, and other Consumer-Generated content related to your business. A SIMPLE WAY TO INCREASE AND IMPROVE ONLINE REVIEWS Our unique Social Ignitor Cards are designed to make it as easy as possible for your customers to publish a glowing review for your business online. LOCAL DIRECTORY PLACEMENT VeriSearch can help you build, update, and properly optimize your business listing for the major search, industry specific, and hyper local directories. Our management dashboard helps ensure that your information is correctly submitted and congruent for maximum results. LOCAL SOCIAL INTEGRATION SERVICES 72% of all internet searchers surveyed reported that they trusted online reviews from others when looking for products and services, and about two thirds use those reviews to make their decision. Together we’ll build a plan to ensure that your business has a positive presence. MONTHLY ANALYTICS AND REPORTING Know exactly where your company stands each week with your personalized Active Intelligence Report. Each report includes a detailed breakdown of new sites, mentions, ratings, and reviews listed for your business in an easy to read and understand format. PUSH BUTTON DATA INPUT AND CORRECTIONS We have a unique capability to ensure all of your data is updated and corrected to all relevant directories quickly and accurately. A common issue we help correct are multiple or non-congruent listings of your business placed errantly in multiple directories which hurt your rankings. ACTIVE REPUTATION MONITORING In today’s society anyone can post anything about your business anonymously requiring 24/7 oversight of your online reputation. You now have the security knowing that we’re watching out and can notify you fast via email when new ratings or reviews are posted. LOCAL MAP PLACEMENT SERVICES Since greater than 95% of Search Queries Result in a decision based off of a Page One search result, our experts can actively work to place your business and local map listings high on the front page results to guide potential customers to your business. INDUSTRY AND HYPER LOCAL TARGETING With a vast number of local directories in our databases you’re ensured to rank on highly important industry or hyper local directory sites usually overlooked or unnoticed by traditional SEO or local search companies; helping you reach more customers. MOBILE INTEGRATION AND MANAGEMENT Smartphones have become the number one local search device. With more than half of all users searching online and following up offline, mobile compatibility is a must to reach your customers. PEACE OF MIND Our US and Canada Based and Professionally Trained Staff make up Your Team of Experienced Directory Managers. These experts provide peace of mind allowing you to focus on what matters most…Your New Customers and Growing Your Business. Click on the Button To Start!


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