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Viking Unearthedâ„¢

*** Featured worldwide App on RPG App Store *** Emerging from the brutal winter and seas of the North comes the Viking to pillage and slaughter his way ...

Discontinued App

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*** Featured worldwide App on RPG App Store *** Emerging from the brutal winter and seas of the North comes the Viking to pillage and slaughter his way to Valhalla in the arena! Become Finn Hammerrock the Viking in immersive arena combat on your mobile device! Challenge your friends and battle face-to-face as the Viking, the fourth advanced- release edition collectable character in Arena Unearthed combat system. Wield your device to crush your foes with the Battlehammer or stifle incoming attacks with your Wyrm Scale Buckler!! Evade attacks only until you harness your Berserker Rage to cleave your opponent to pieces with the Axe of Sky Wrath!! Promotional offer! Get advanced-release edition character weapons and abilities unlocked with unlimited battles FREE for a limited time - (Save 10.99)! UNIQUE COMBAT Use your device to execute a series of light or a heavy attacks with ranged and melee weapons in the heat of battle. Manage and select your weapons, watch your opponent to evade and block attacks and execute special abilities to turn the tide! -Endless offensive and defensive combinations -Multiple weapons and special abilities -Master motion and time to perfect movements -Become better with each battle IMMERSIVE WORLD The Umbra-Nexus, the multiverse within and without has been torn asunder and threatened; the power and ability of the most formidable opponents from across the dimensions of time and space have been harnessed to combat the threat. It is up to the inhabitants of our world to assume the most lethal fighting characters of all time and prove themselves in arena battle for the right to fight in the world Unearthed. FEATURES -Batte across Apps - Challenge friends face to face in battle with any and every character in the Unearthed series! -Practice - Perfect your movement and techniques while not connected to a challenger! -Stats - Register and track your personal wins and losses! -Lore - Explore your character and arsenal to perfect your strategy and defeat your friends! -Freestyle mode – Virtually wield motion activated weapons anytime anywhere! -New content - Frequent character and feature updates! -Collectable characters - New and frequent character releases! WE ARE TENFOLD Bringing players back together again. Watch for upcoming releases and follow us to get game updates, special hints, events you can find us or get in on the conversation and help guide the vision! connect: www.facebook.com/tenfoldgames follow: @tenfoldgames watch: www.youtube.com/user/TenfoldGamesLLC


Technical specifications

Version: 1.6

Size: 11.49 MB


Price: 0,89 €

Developed by Tenfold Games LLC

Day of release: 2013-04-16

Recommended age: 9+

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