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An astronomy application for both amateurs and professionals. "Vinmeen" is the Tamil word for "star" and directly translates to "Fish in the sky". Explore ...

Discontinued App


An astronomy application for both amateurs and professionals. "Vinmeen" is the Tamil word for "star" and directly translates to "Fish in the sky". Explore 904 Stars, 85 Constellations, the Planets, the Sun and 110 Messier objects (Nubulas and Galaxies) Vinmeen is a stargazing application. It is a simple and practical application which makes stargazing an easy and simple activity for amateur astronomers or just anybody who wants to explore the night sky. You need not understand Right ascension and Declinations to use this app. It is has also got enough features to help advanced stargazers It makes use of the iPhone's built in GPS and accelerometers to guide the user. The current location is used to calculate the current celestial positions of stars, planets and deep sky objects. The accelerometer is used to guide the user to the object's position. Turn to the correct direction displayed and just tilt the phone to overlap the red and yellow arrows, and there it is! The selected object. Features- Auto Location : uses the GPS in the phone to get the Latitude and Longitude of the current location. This is essential for plotting the skies. Tracking guide : uses elevation data which is determined by detecting the phone's inclination through the built in accelerometer. Helps in easy location Tracker : displays a compass and an elevation gauge to show the azimuth and altitude of a selected celestial object in simple layman terms. The object selection is also simplified by providing "above the horizon" and "below the horizon" groupings Sky View : displays a 3D planetarium view of the sky dome. The application uses OpenGL ES to render the sky. Just swipe your finger on the phone and see the dome rotating! Also auto elevation option will detect the angle of the phone and show the sky automatically at that location (altitude/elevation only). Celestial Database The application tracks 904 stars with magnitude below 4.5, All 85 constellations, The planets and the Sun and all the Messier objects (Deep sky objects) Horizon Groupings : Whenever you need to select an object, the list displaying the objects is split into above and below horizon groupings to make it easier to select objects which will be visible at the given time


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3

Size: 507.5 KB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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