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The violin is famous for its wonderful, charming tone and perfect shape. For more than 400 years, with the imagination and creation of many artists, Violin ...

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The violin is famous for its wonderful, charming tone and perfect shape. For more than 400 years, with the imagination and creation of many artists, Violin has became a representative one in western instruments by its rich playing skill, various music themes, artistic styles and unique artistic expressive force. People put on it the crown and made it a queen of the world instruments. Today, the violin has been used in many non-western music cultures all over the world. The content is composed of Violin Introduction, Violin Culture, The Classic Music of violin, Teaching Video and so on. “Violin introduction” shows the violin’s shape, structure and performing techniques. “Violin culture” contains lots of knowledge, such as, the origination and development of the violin, Violin faction, Famous violinist and Chinese top violinist, etc. In the section of “The classic music violin”, we have handpicked works that illustrate the rich diversity of Violin’s art forms by different artists. Each section complete with photos and tracks introduction. “Teaching video” offers high quality professional instructional videos. “Recording and saving” makes things play easily. You can play it back anytime and anyplace. Besides, this application has a function that you can download the music on demand. “Violin Classical Music Set” includes 112 songs: 1.Homeland Nostalgia 2.Dance Song Of The Frontier 3.Mountain Song 4.Notturno in the Fisherboat 5.Harvest Celebration 6.On the Northwestern Grassland 7.A Beautiful Night 8.The Pastoral 9.Tone Poem at Seashore 10.Spring of Xinjiang 11.Happiness in The Coming Spring 12.Spring Dance 13.Morning in Hmong Mountains 14.Ushering Spring Scenery to Change the World 15.The Golden Steel-Smelting Furnace 16.The Sun Shines on Tashkurgan 17.The Butterfly Lovers' Violin Concerto 18.My Motherland 19.Flowing Clouds on The High Mountain 20.Jasmine Flower 21.The Full Moon and Blooming Flowers 22.The Clear and Cool Water of Changhu Lake 23.The Crescent moon 24.The Good Life of Peace 25.Say a Word in Heart 26.Keep Chairman Mao's Words in Your Heart 27.Little Alamo 28.Song For Hero 29.Talk About "Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio" 30.A Love Letter 31.Good Wine With Coffee 32.The Price For Love 33.Albéniz: Tango 34.Elgar: Salut d'Amour 35.Bach: Violin Concerto in a Minor 36.Bach: Violin Partita in b Minor BWV1002 III Sarabande 37.Bach: Air on the G String 38.Bach: Double Violin Concerto in d Minor BWV1043 39.Bach: Double Violin Concerto-The Third Movement: Allegretto etc. Developer Information: Huafeng Ecommerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is a modern high-tech company. We're dedicating to mobile application development. Our prospect and future are fully filled with the confidence and the power. We have enough confidence in building and strengthening the mobile Appstore named Nada Academy whose website is For smart-phone users and tablet-computer users, we have developed a series of applications by cooperating with domestic and international known CP, Such as Music, Classical Poetry, Modern poetry, Foreign Languages, Earlier Education, Preschool Education, Elementary and Secondary Education, Encyclopedic Knowledge, etc.


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Day of release: 2012-09-10

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