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It's an electronic programmable guitar. Stylish, portable and practical, it is suitable for the students, for the ones who want to play with it, for entertaining ...

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It's an electronic programmable guitar. Stylish, portable and practical, it is suitable for the students, for the ones who want to play with it, for entertaining friends, to amaze your partner, … - Video: - More updates are coming soon! • Flat Design Graphic & Realistic Guitar Graphic! • Shake! ... … to play the chords! • More than 100 available chords Combine them to create new songs. All the chords that you need are in your hand! • Simple and complete Everyone can play, no corns on your fingertips, no complicate finger positions. Expert guitarists can always show their abilities, arpegging thanks to multitouch! • Always with you On the beach, at a party, on the street, every moment is right for a serenade, karaoke or some jammin'. You have a guitar in your pocket! • Discreet Wear your earphones and practice on arpeggios and tablature. No one will complain with you! • Programmable and online chords and songs Choose an on-line song, or make your own setting your favorite chords, save it on your device and share it with the world! Every time you touch the big chords-holder button, you switch sequentially between the chords. A lot of songs are just ready to be played! • Clean or Distorted? Touching the "distortion" button you get the distortion effect. • Stopped Chords Tapping the STOP button you can immediately stop the chords. Keep it pressed to get the "stopped chords" effect. • Power Chords included! Power Chords make VirtualGuitar suitable also for Rock, Heavy Metal and every genre where a distorted guitar is used. • High Res Graphic, HD Sounds, hyper-realistic The sounds are uncompressed. The chords truly vibrate! • Tips! For more informations and "how to" read the integrated help section. Connect your iPhone or iPod to an external speaker for a better sound. ************** QUICK HELP ************** • Follow this steps to play: 1. Choose a chord touching it on the guitar neck; 2. Play it as you would do on a real guitar; 3. Shake the iPhone to strum! Start play immediately, choose among the songs already available tapping the song (note) icon. • Follow this steps to program the chords on the guitar neck: 1. Tap the settings icon; 2. Tap the chord you want to replace and pick the new in the picker list; 3. Repeat the steps for all the chords you want to change. • Follow this steps to program a chords sequence to loop in: This function is useful to play your favorite song. You just need to program the chords, shake your iphone and loop at time through them, tapping just a button. 1. Program the chords as written before, starting from the top-right of the grid, down for the column, then up again and so on; 2. Move the slider to fit the number of chords you want to loop through; 3. Finally, on the Guitar view, touch the big metal chords-holder to loop through the programmed chords (showed in light brown color).


Technical specifications

Version: 2.7.1

Size: 26.98 MB


Price: 1,86 €

Developed by NETTuno s.r.l.

Day of release: 2010-09-30

Recommended age: 4+

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