Visual Math Word Problems

Sales! 50% off for a limited time! ----------------Reviews------------- 4/5 Stars: "This is a strong app geared towards teaching basic addition and subtraction ...

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Sales! 50% off for a limited time! ----------------Reviews------------- 4/5 Stars: "This is a strong app geared towards teaching basic addition and subtraction word problems. It has many supportive and interactive features that encourage children to think through the problems, and allows parents to tracks children’s progress." - 4/5 Stars: "The app interface is basic in design, therefore, making it easy for young children to use." - "Is the app parents and teachers need for their 1st to 2nd graders. It’s literally Math made easy!" - ---------------------------------------- Designed to help 1st and 2nd grade school children to visualize, understand and solve basic addition & subtraction word problems. Kindergarten children that are going into 1st grade will also benefit from this app. This app has a friendly and intuitive interface which enables your child to: ◆ See lively narrated animations that will help him or her to understand and visualize word problems. ◆ Work out the solution by writing or sketching on the screen. ◆ Develop self-learning with interactive step-by-step solution for incorrect answers. ◆ Learn the basic ideas of bar models (taught in Singapore schools). This method is gradually and intuitively introduced throughout this app without needing additional instruction. 

 You can: ◆ Replay what your child wrote or sketched on the screen for each word problem. ◆ Keep track on your child progress with score reviews. Bonus Math Quiz section: ◆ Randomly generate word problems to reinforce your child's understanding. ◆ Each question includes “manipulatives” that can be used as visual cues to solve the word problem.
 ◆ You can keep track of your child's progress for the last 5 sets of quizzes. Current App Contents: 1. Simple Addition: Basics (10 Animated Questions) 2. Simple Addition: Writing number sentence (10 Animated Questions) 3. Change Unknown: Basics [10 Animated Questions] 4. Change Unknown: Writing number sentence (10 Animated Questions) 5. Start Unknown: Basics (10 Animated Questions) 6. Start Unknown: Writing number sentence (7 Animated Questions) 7. Bonus section: Quiz: Practice, Practice & Practice (Unlimited Practice Questions) Free updates with new contents in future revision.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 202.6 MB


Price: 4,50 €

Developed by Visual Math Interactive Sdn. Bhd.

Day of release: 2013-09-18

Recommended age: 4+

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