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•A4CWSN: "I like that I can make text only schedules, or picture only schedules, or combine both." • "Visual Routine by Pufferfish ...

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•A4CWSN: "I like that I can make text only schedules, or picture only schedules, or combine both." • "Visual Routine by Pufferfish Software is an easy-to-use, visual schedule creator/viewer that can be used with children with special needs." •Teach: Apps for the Classroom: "Visual Routine is great for home and school... It encourages independence for the user." •( "It is fairly intuitive to get started with this app." •( iPad Apps for Autism: "encourages you to use individualised pictures for your student." •The Appy Ladies: "I really love that you can embed up to four items within a step." ( •"Visual Routine is a wonderful program for creating and using visual schedules." ( How-to youtube videos: iPad: iPhone & iPod: Visual Routine is a simple, easy to program visual schedule that helps your autistic or special needs child keep a routine. Routines can be tailored to their needs with audio feedback, and customizable pictures, audio, and text. Instead of carrying around pecs or a laminated schedule, this app will let you have routines preset and then run them to show the child in an easy way what they have to do. ** Reviewed By A4cwsn ** *FEATURES:* •Unlimited Routine Length •Create text only, picture only, or audio only choices, or any mix. •Permanent & unlimited routine storage •Up to 4 choices can be embedded within each routine step, enabling someone to pick between options. (i.e. eggs, pancakes, or cereal for breakfast.) •Easy setup right from the main screen •"The auditory feedback when a step in the routine is checked off is great as well." This app serves as a visualization tool for routines, providing portability, audio support, and excellent easy to understand graphics. By using this app special needs individuals and children will be able to understand what needs to be done easier then with PECS or simple description. Customization: A big emphasis in this app; every autistic and special needs child requires specific and centered care, and the ability to create your own routines with pictures of your child and house settings in them places the emphasis on your child. Take pictures of them doing things in their environment, and they will understand the routine better then a generic, preset choice. The images can be set by you, the user, as well as audio.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.5.1

Size: 13.77 MB


Price: 3,73 €

Developed by Megan Holstein

Day of release: 2012-03-21

Recommended age: 4+

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