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Vocab Champion: Spanish

Vocab Champion: Spanish is the most powerful and customizable Spanish vocabulary learning tool in the app store. How is this new app different? It`s ...

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Vocab Champion: Spanish is the most powerful and customizable Spanish vocabulary learning tool in the app store. How is this new app different? It’s Fully Customizable: You can add an unlimited amount of your own words. So no matter what words you need to study, you can practice and learn them. Truly Learn Vocabulary: Vocab Champion allows players to spell out correct answers, as opposed to just choosing an answer like in other Spanish learning apps. Spelling out the correct answer helps in memory retention and will help you truly excel at Spanish. Fun gameplay also ensures you will want to keep learning! Real World Learning: Vocab Champion includes multiple variations of Spanish words. For example, take the word "la naranja" (the orange). Vocab Champion automatically tests the player with variations of that word like " the oranges" "a orange" "some oranges" in Spanish so that the student will be able to use the noun in any situation. Can You Type ñ On Your Keyboard ?: Our own custom Spanish keyboard has all the accents and letters you need to effortlessly type in Spanish. No need to switch keyboard languages or learn how to type unique Spanish symbols. We have them all right there for easy use. More details below ------------------------------------------ Master Spanish vocabulary words in the most interactive, engaging and effective way! Spanish Vocab Champion is not a boring flashcard tool that merely lets you identify vocabulary words. Instead, it’s a game that allows you to actually type in the correct vocabulary word in a way that better mimics how you use the language in real life communications and exams! Try it out free and be amazed at how quickly you learn vocabulary words and their meaning. Spanish Vocab Champion allows complete control of your learning experience. You choose which vocabulary words you want to work on from extensive lists. You can even add your own custom words or phrases and save them as a custom list so you can practice again and again. You can also track your progress with saved metrics that show your improving scores. Vocab Champion has more than 500 essential preloaded words as well as a feature allowing you to add an unlimited number of custom new words. The app also has engaging game-play, scoring, and full customization. Spanish Vocab Champion is the most effective Spanish vocabulary training tool available and is great for those learning Spanish for traveling, fun, class, as well as for AP Spanish test prep.


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