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VocabuLand HD Lite: English/Simplified Chinese Vocabulary

Have fun while learning a new language! VocabuLand HD is a beginner`s guide to Simplified Chinese or English. Play a game to start building your ...

Discontinued App


Have fun while learning a new language! VocabuLand HD is a beginner’s guide to Simplified Chinese or English. Play a game to start building your vocabulary and test your skills. The text and cute images make it easy to introduce yourself to the Simplified Chinese or English language. Click “...More” to learn why you should download this App today! You’d really like to learn to speak and read Simplified Chinese but you don’t have the time or money to attend classes. Besides, you prefer a more relaxed way to learn, something you can pick up whenever you have a few minutes or feel like getting into. That’s why VocabuLand HD is perfect for you. This app is an amusing teaching application that uses a game environment to help you build your starter level vocabulary. Whether you’re English speaking wanting to learn Simplified Chinese, or the other way around, you’ll find this application a really fun and easy way to pick up beginner words in the other language. There are ten categories to kick-start your education: Fruits, The Farm, My House, School, The Beach, Transportation, My Body, My City, My Clothes, Appliances. Each category offers you both a learning mode and a challenge mode. You’ll start off with images of different objects, could be animals, fruits, etc. Each item is labeled in English and Simplified Chinese and clicking on the object will give you the correct pronunciation, so you learn to say the word perfectly. Once you’ve taken everything in, test yourself in the challenge mode. You’ll be shown the same images used while you were learning. Go ahead and click on the picture to hear the name of the object spoken in your choice of English or Simplified Chinese. Now, can you match the image’s object with the correct word in the other language? To help you out a little, there’s a multiple choice list for you at the bottom of the screen. See, learning a second language really can be fun and easy! Check out some of the features you get in VocabuLand HD: * Intuitive and attractive interface * Learn beginner Simplified Chinese or English * Teaches 10 categories of words * Uses visual and audio teaching methods * Fun and educational * One-time, super low price * Completely portable - no classes to attend What are waiting for? This app is the answer for. The ad free version only costs 0,99 Dolars and you never have to go to a classroom. Have fun and learn, anytime, anywhere, right on your device. See this App in action here: http://youtu.be/ZVTaTqUo3ao Download VocabuLand HD now and start picking up another language the easy way.


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Version: 1.5

Size: 17.29 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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