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Voice Camera Pro

1 Week Discount! Update for iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S, iPad and iPad Mini comes with 25+ Voice Camera Commands! Now you can view your most recent photos ...

Discontinued App


1 Week Discount! Update for iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S, iPad and iPad Mini comes with 25+ Voice Camera Commands! Now you can view your most recent photos by saying "View" and then share them instantly. ★★★★★ Version 4.0 has a New Design for iPhone 5, Added Viewing & Sharing Features, New Commands and even Faster Performance! ★★★★★ • Capture magic moments with the power of your voice. • Take family, group pictures and self portraits by placing the device upright on a surface and saying One, Two, Three or Four. • Getting dressed and need a friend's opinion or want to see how you look? Use Voice Camera Pro to take pictures of yourself without pressing a button or even holding the device so you can find your perfect style and easily pose for pictures. • Send photos to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and by Email instantly by simply saying "Facebook", "Tweet", "Flicker" or "Email" when viewing your pictures. • Have fun and control Voice Camera Pro with any words you want by creating Custom Commands. ★★★★★ Voice Camera Pro has been featured by MacWorld, Wired Magazine, Leo The Tech Guy, the Mobile World Congress, the MacWorld Convention in San Francisco and TechCrunch ★★★★★ Voice Camera Pro is the FIRST and ONLY iPhone, iPad and iPod Camera App that allows you to control your camera using Voice Activated Commands. Voice Camera Pro is designed for Apple device users who enjoy new photography technology for everyday convenience. Voice Camera Pro is also designed to help individuals who are unable to engage with the device using their hands. If you like using Siri, iPhone Voice Controls, iTranslate Voice or Dragon and enjoy photography apps such as Camera+, Instagram, Hipstamatic, Facebook Camera, Color Splash or SocialCam, Voice Camera Pro is the app for you. Say the keywords in the Command List to use camera functions, shoot pictures and share them in Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or by email with our hands-free, Speech Recognition Technology (SRT). You can also create your own Custom Camera Commands to control camera functions in any language. For instance, if you wish to say the word "GO" to take a picture, type in the word "GO" in the custom command field and say "Switch" to turn on the Custom Commands. Now when you say "GO", Voice Camera Pro will take a picture. Version 4.0 comes with the following voice commands: 1. Camera - Launch the Camera 2. One - Take a Photograph 3. Two - Take 2 Consecutive Photos 4. Three - Take 3 Consecutive Photos 5. Four-Take 4 Consecutive Photos 6. Switch - Switch Front to Back Camera (4/4S/iPad 2/3 Only) 7. Flash - Change Flash to On - Off - Auto (4/4S Only) 8. View - Preview Last Picture Taken 9. Ribbon - Show / Hide Voice Command Overlay 10. Photos - Launch Photo Library in Camera 11. Share - Choose Method to Share Selected Photo 12. Mail - Email Selected Photo in Library 13. Facebook - Post Selected Photo in Library to Facebook 14. Tweet - Tweet Selected Photo in Library 15. Flicker - Post Selected Photo in Library to Flickr 16. Home - Launches Command List 17. Custom - Launch Custom Commands 18. Info - Launch Info Page 19. Bye Bye - Close the Application 20. Rate - Rate the Application *Function Commands - Back, Send, Cancel, OK, Relaunch, Yes, No Tell us what types of voice activated features you would like us to add to the application. For example, if you’d like us to enable a voice command that takes 10 pictures at once or pictures in black and white, let us know and we’ll add the voice command. It's that simple! Since Voice Camera Pro is 99% accurate in quiet, controlled environments, we advise our users to use their headphones to control the app in loud places. We combined technologies developed by Tokyo's University of Science, Carnegie Mellon's Language Technology Institute and Belgian Signal and Imaging Developers to bring you true, voice activated photography technology.


Technical specifications

Version: 4.0

Size: 7.92 MB


Price: 0,91 €

Developed by The Sanctuary

Day of release: 2010-01-9

Recommended age: 4+

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