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** Full Version on Sale for $.99 ** View Demo on SchoolBuddyApp Channel On YouTube Paid Version 1.5: -Ability to download and vocalize flashcards from ...

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** Full Version on Sale for $.99 ** View Demo on SchoolBuddyApp Channel On YouTube Paid Version 1.5: -Ability to download and vocalize flashcards from Quizlet.com using text-to-speech -Different Modes of Play (Q&A,A&Q,Q Only, A Only) - Ability to Share Voice Card Sets - New User Interface Lite Version Update Coming Later This Month (05/2011) Voice Cards Lite: - Only allows users to create 3 sets of 10 voice cards - Contains advertisements - No Sharing Voice Card Sets Over Email - No Switching Voice Cards from Set To Set VoiceCards Free Version Features: - Record Question and Answer Sets - Edit Individual Voice Cards - Playback in Shuffle Mode - Playback Voice Cards Automatically - Playback in Background - AutoPlay with 1, 5, or 10 secs in between - Easy playback using Swipe GestureTouchpad - Combine Shuffle with Shake, AutoPlay, or Touchpad - Landscape Mode like Touchpad Mode Voice Cards are an innovative way to study and a replacement for all the flashcard/notecard apps out there!! The iPhone is not made to type flashcards, thus comes Voice Cards, an innovative way to replace them all! Start out by creating sets just as you would with notecards/flashcards, except you create a voice recording of your questions/answers in set of Voice Cards! You can then play them back in ways one has not though of before. Turn on 'Touchpad' mode to swipe left and right between questions, then swipe up to play the question, and swipe down to play the question! Turn on 'Shake' mode to shake between questions and answers. Shake once to place the question, then shake again to play the answers! Then it automatically moves to the next question with the next shake! Set 'Autoplay' mode and select your interval of 1, 5, or 10 seconds. Press play and the questions followed by answers will play with a delay in between! You can even exit the app and Voice Cards will atomically keep going in the background while you surf the web or answer your email! Turn on 'Shuffle' mode to randomize your Voices Cards in all three mode!! For an old-school look, turn your phone to landscape mode, and it becomes a notecard, then it can be used with swipe gestures just as you would in 'Touchpad' mode!


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