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Voice-powered information management! Important: Using your voice to control this app requires iOS keyboard dictation only found on the iPhone 4S, iPhone ...

Discontinued App


Voice-powered information management! Important: Using your voice to control this app requires iOS keyboard dictation only found on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPad 3rd Generation or more recent. Other compatible devices require commands to be typed. Do you find iOS keyboard dictation helpful? What if you could manage rows and columns of information in a similar manner? VoiceTables is best described with a quick example: “Open the table calorie tracking. Find blueberries. Quantity is 1.5. Units is ounces. New record. Description is dark chocolate. Quantity is 1.0. Units is 6 ounce bar.” (You speak the word “period” between commands.) Add/change/delete/find data on the go. Email data directly from the app. Spreadsheet and database users can paste moderate amounts of data* back and forth using free third party tools. Add columns on the fly as needed. Remove and rename columns and tables. Create tables of data from scratch and evolve them as you go. A video demo of the app can be viewed by visiting the app's website. VoiceTables employs new concepts, so even if your computing knowledge and skills are at an expert level, please take the time to understand how you interact with it and what it can and cannot do. You can use Notepad prior to purchase, to test accuracy of translating your data. FEATURES include: - Different ways to speak the same command - Single tap access to a list of commands available at any point - Optional word substitution feature for “problem words” that might be consistently misrecognized - The ability to start simply, but then gain efficiency by speaking individual commands or groups of commands separated by “period” - A change log to give you confidence that “batches” of commands have manipulated data in the way you intended - A well-designed feedback mechanism to help you quickly understand any problems or inconsistencies found with spoken commands, and resolve them efficiently - Pinch zoom and double-tap zoom to help overcome space limitations on a mobile device - A mechanism for controlling the capitalization of spoken text - Optional keyboard entry for quick edits, and for use when signal strength prevents use of iOS keyboard dictation - Short video clips built right into the app show how to accomplish various tasks - 20+ templates to give you ideas and a head start - Button labeling, prompting, and messages that automatically adapt to your level of demonstrated proficiency - Command details and info on infrequently used features that can be accessed as needed *IMPORTANT NOTES… - While there are no hard row or column limitations, and no limit to the number of tables, VoiceTables currently works best with imported data that's under 300Kb in size, and only works with one table at a time. For best results, keep things simple and compact. VoiceTables is not intended to be a replacement for more powerful database programs. - iOS 6.0 or later is required. - The nature of iOS keyboard dictation requires network (or Wi-Fi) connectivity. (The app itself stores and manipulates all data locally on the device.) - VoiceTables is not hands-free. - Prior experience with iOS keyboard dictation, including the use of punctuation, is helpful. - Data is treated as text (but most spreadsheet programs interpret data during import, and you can “force” a numeric interpretation by including a decimal in spoken quantities). - VoiceTables does not perform calculations or data validations. - The app is not integrated with iCloud at this time. Again, because concepts are new, we want you to understand what this app cannot do, not just what it can. Bottom line: If you like keyboard dictation, we think that you’ll find VoiceTables practical, interesting, and fun to use.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 40.14 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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