200,000 downloads! Thanks a lot for your support!!! # THE BEST volcano app in the App Store! # 2000+ volcanoes in the database! # Recent volcanic activity ...

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200,000 downloads! Thanks a lot for your support!!! # THE BEST volcano app in the App Store! # 2000+ volcanoes in the database! # Recent volcanic activity information and alerts! ===================================== Are you interested in volcanoes? This is the app for you! Get it now! ===================================== # Our app is unique - there is nothing like it in the App Store. If you are interested in Volcanoes - you will enjoy our app. # The only app in the world to display ash information on the map. View the latest ash information regularly updated by international VAACs (Volcanic Ash Advisory Centres). # Receive volcanic activity and ash push notifications on your device. Be the first to know if something is happening with the volcanoes! # Volcanoes is one of our most popular apps. We keep updating it so you will get more and more features over the time. # The app shows a list of volcanoes active this week and provides additional details about volcanoes activity. So you will be able to know what is happening in the volcano world. # The app contains an extensive volcanoes database and provides easy-to-use search function. You can quickly find any volcano and view its location and additional information about it. # Volcanoes app displays volcanoes on the map and provides information about most important volcanoes. You will be able to save and later find your favourite volcanoes using Favorites screen. # Beautiful and fast map with volcanic and seismic information. We have fine tuned the location search to provide the best experience when searching for volcanoes on the map. # The volcanoes database is stored on your device. The app uses data traffic only when retrieving the latest activity. # You can easily share your favourite volcanoes via Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS. You can also "like" or comment on the volcanoes. The app will ask for your authorization to post on Social networks. # You can choose to view the volcanoes on a Standard, Satellite or a Hybrid map. You even might be able to see a crater or some smoke on a satellite photo! # The app can display recent earthquakes and tectonic plates boundaries on the map (turn these features on via Settings | Map Options). Volcanoes and earthquakes are connected - we offer you all the related information in one app. ===================================== The Volcanoes app displays currently active volcanoes on a map and provides additional information on volcanic activity for the last week. ===================================== Features: ===================================== # Displays 2000+ currently active volcanoes on a map. # Shows volcanoes active this week on a map. # Provides additional information about some of the volcanoes. # Lists volcanoes active this week. # Provides additional information volcanic activity. # Optionally send alerts about volcano activity and ash (available via in-app purchase, configured via Settings | Alerts). # Optionally displays ash information (available via in-app purchase, configured via Settings | Map Options). # Optionally shows recent earthquakes - last seven days with magnitude above 5.0 (via Settings | Map Options). # Optionally shows tectonic plates boundaries (via Settings | Map Options). # Volcanoes can be searched by name. # Volcanoes can be located on a map. # Favorites screen to store favourite volcanoes for quick access. ===================================== Download Volcanoes app now! =====================================


Technical specifications

Version: 1.4.7

Size: 18.87 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Slava Barouline

Day of release: 2013-11-7

Recommended age: 4+

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