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PRICE REDUCED to FREE because App Development Company shut down server to be able to update state legislative databases ***NOTE TO 2013 USERS: Legislative ...

Discontinued App


PRICE REDUCED to FREE because App Development Company shut down server to be able to update state legislative databases ***NOTE TO 2013 USERS: Legislative database is NOT updated in Congress and in all States except Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Oklahoma, Illinois and Arkansas. To update, manually replace members on your device in the Members tab by replacing old member with new member elected in the 2012 election. 2011 Edition: VoteCount is a professional government affairs app that allows the user to record and instantly tally lawmakers’ positions on legislation. Unlike online bill tracking services that allow a subscriber to follow a bill through the legislative process, VoteCount gives government affairs professionals a tool to anticipate and influence legislative outcomes before they occur. Immediate access to up-to-date vote counts allows the user to efficiently and effectively manage the count so that he or she can continuously update legislative strategy and prioritize legislative contacts to ensure success. Throw away those paper vote count sheets that require you to add up every Yes or No vote each time you want to determine the vote count on a particular bill. AVAILABLE FOR CONGRESS AND ALL 50 STATES. Purchase includes 1 State or Congress. Additional States/Congress are available on your device by in-app purchase. FUNCTIONALITY: VoteCount allows you to systematically track lawmakers’ votes in five categories: Yes, Leaning Yes, Leaning No, No, and Undecided. Why not just a simple Yes and No? Because every professional lobbyist knows that answers from lawmakers are not always that simple. Just think if you had a nickel for every time you heard “I should be there” or “I’m leaning your way but I’m not quite there.” These are not responses that you can count as solid Yes or No votes. By recording a legislator’s vote into the Leaning Yes or Leaning No category, you have a reminder to revisit that legislator before the vote and attempt to lock them into a Yes or No. Lastly, knowing the exact number of undecided lawmakers is important in focusing your contact plan before the vote. Every bill has three pages: (1) House or Assembly members (except for Nebraska) (2) Senate members (3) Executive, which includes Governor and Lt. Governor (except States with no Lt. Governor) or U.S. President and Vice President FILTERS: - All Members: view all lawmakers in the House/Assembly and Senate, as well as the Executive(s). - Sponsor(s): view bill sponsors. - Committee members: view members in committee to which bill is assigned. - 2nd Committee Members: view members in subsequent or 2nd committee to which bill is assigned. - My Assignments: view members you are assigned to contact. - Other Assignments Search: view members that others were assigned to contact. - Republicans: view Republicans (except for Nebraska). - Democrats: view Democrats (except for Nebraska). - Y, LY, U, LN, N: view members voting yes, members leaning toward yes, undecided members, members leaning toward no, or members voting no. - Search Member(s): enter member's name or first few letters to go directly to that member. You may e-mail VoteCounts (as shown by any of the 14 filters) by touching the @ icon at the bottom left of each filter screen. In every Capitol, there are people that make things happen, people that watch things happen, and people that find out what just happened to them. With VoteCount, government affairs professionals have a tool to make things happen! VoteCount FEATURED IN ROLL CALL, THE NEWSPAPER OF CAPITOL HILL: iPhone App Will Help You Lobby “The rock-musician-turned-activist Bono wants you to know: You, too, can be a lobbyist, and all you need is an iPhone.”


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